November 16, 2019
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Sufiyana Pyaar Mera Written Update 5th July 2019

The episode starts with Miyajaan is asking the Saxena family to throw out Saltanat and Zaroon from their house. Mr. Saxena says this road and area belongs to you but this house belongs to me so I will decide who will stay here or not. They took care of my wife in my absence and I can favor them this much. Miya Jan agrees and declares that from now on only Kainaat will be his only granddaughter. He will always bless Kainaat in his prayer but asks for curses for Saltanat. Zaroon tells them that they will get married within the next week. They left the area after the talk and Saltant is heartbroken.

Kainaat in her room beats herself and shouts about Saltanat being the reason for snatching things from her since childhood. She says I will not let her do the same again. Someone knocks on the door and she opens it to find dadi outside. Dadi tricks her to get in her room and confronts her about telling him about Saltanat pregnancy. Kainaat tries to deny but Dadi says from next time be sure before try to leak out any news. Kainaat fumes in anger.

The Saxena family talks to Zaroon and Saltanat and ask them not to lose hope. On the other end, Saltanat and Zaroon decide to visit dargah once. Here in the Shah family, Mamoon and Miyajaan got engaged in a heated argument. Mamoon says to Miyajaan that they will go nowhere without getting their rights. Miya Jan announces he will make Nadeem his heir.
Saltanat and Zaroon pray for their family and their unity in the dargah.

Precap: Zainab confronts Kainaat over the pregnancy rumor of Saltanat.

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