Suhaagan 11th November 2023 Written Update: Bindiya gets intoxicated

Suhaagan 11th November 2023 Written Update on

Episode starts with Krishna stuck in a car with intoxicated Bindiya. One friend of Krishna drives the car, while she makes funny acts. She comes out of the wind screen and shouts out that Krishna loves her so much. Krishna tries to pull her down in the car. Payel sees Bindiya and Krishna like that and misunderstands them. She calls Krishna for help but Krishna cannot gets him. Some workers surrouds Payel and demands for her punishment as she have beaten a lady worker for silly reason. The workers look very angry on them but she tries the escape the situation. Police arrives there and pulls her into a police van. After so much struggle with drunk Bindiya, finally Krishna and his friend manages to reach their home and Krishna sends his friend inside to check where is everyone in the house.


Bindiya behaves like a obstinate child and says she wouldn’t go anywhere. Krishna insists Bindiya to go inside but Bindiya asks her husband to say her “I love you”. Though, Krishna doesn’t want to say that but Krishna is compelled to say I love to Bindiya. On the other hand, Payal tries to contact with Krishna. Payal tries to convince the police that she didn’t do any injustice to the lady, but the lady police doesn’t spare her. When Payal tries to bribe the lady, police rebukes Payal and asks her to sit down in the chair.

After while, Krishna brings Bindiya inside, but Indu notices the inebriated situation of her and condemns her. Even Baldev also notices the intoxicated situation of Bindiya. Krishna tries to manage the situation, but seeing the alcohol bottle, Indu gets furious

Bindiya would behave like a child and asks Payal to get out of her room. Bindiya is asked to keep her finger on her mouth. Payal couldn’t understand anything and shouts at Krishna seeing the handcuff, Krishna tries to make her understand but Payal misunderstands him who tries to solve the problem. But Bindiya doesn’t let him talk with Payal.

Seeing their dispute and noise, Indu and Sakshi also come there. Indu immediately realises that Bindiya gets intoxicated. Befuddled Bindiya doesn’t understand that Indu is rebuking her. Instead of shutting up her mouth, Bindiya continues her blabbering and asks him to take away Payal from her room. Sakshi makes fun of the situation of Bindiya. Indu asks Sakshi how did she get the handcuff. Sakshi smirks and explains this is used when couples romance between them. Sakshi asks Krishna to take Bindiya inside.

Episode ends.

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