Sundari 16th September 2022 Written Update: A shock awaits Krishna

Sundari 16th September 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Valli gives coffe to Sidharth. She shares with him that she packed breakfast for his parents. He thanked her. Valli inquired Sidharth about Sundari’s performance? He assured to her that Sundari will become a collector asap. Valli asks him Doesn’t Sundari recovered after accident. She fears that Sundari’s performance will affect by it. Sidharth shares with her that Sundari is a talented one. She will manage all situation and become a collector. Valli asked him when she will become a collector? He shares with her that she wants to write exam and pass the interview. Valli tells that she don’t understand this. Sundari comes there and shares with Valli that Malini gave her Neckalce to give Anu. Valli says that Murugan brought it for Malini but she gave it to her. Sundari adds that because of her good heart she got Krishna.

Sundari inquired Sidharth why did Murugan called him? Sidharth shares with her that he is doubting Anu’s husband not a good person. He asked him to inquire about his background. Sundari adds that she doesn’t know whether to cry or not? He done many mistakes. Murugan may be find out anyone of it. They leaves from there. Later, Murugan calls Mallika and informs her that he wants to meet her. Mallika questions him what’s the matter? Murugan shares with her that her suspicious on her son in law is right. He is also feels that her son in law is wrong person. He asked someone to inquire about him. Mallika asks him who is that? He mentioned Sidharth name. Mallika tells him that Karthick is her son in laws best friends. May be he can able to help him to find out everything. Murugan assured to talk with him.

Later, Anu checks herself in mirror. She says to Karthick that she is getting fat. Karthick tells her that all pregnant woman gets fat. It’s normal one. She looks even more pretty in it. Anu thank him. She asks him to don’t forget that he promised to take her out for dinner. He assures to her. Mallika comes there and asks him Is he get ready to go to office? Karthick nods with her. Mallika asks him to drop her in Sundari’s house. Karthick asks him why should she meet him? Anu says to him that she asked her to discuss with Murugan about Sundari’s marriage. What’s his problems in it? He lies to her as nothing. Later, Krishna brings a new person to home. He noticed Krishna there.

He asks Sidharth when did he came? He informed to him that he came here to pick up Sundari. Later Sundari reached Mallika’s house and greeted her. She informed her that Murugan suspecting Anu’s husband is a wrong person and asked Sidharth to inquire about him. Mallika informed her that Anu was adamant to perform her marriage someone else. She said to her that she doesn’t know why is she behaving like this? She added that she lost Anu’s necklace. Mallika doubted that Kartick may took it. Sundari shares with him that he gifted Malini the same one. She will give it to him. Later Krishna opened the almira and got shocked to find Kumar inside it.

Episode end