Sundari 17th January 2023 Written Update: Murugan grows suspicious

Sundari 17th January 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Sundari informing to Valli that she decided to do the operation. Valli asks her doesn’t they decided to don’t do it. Sundari tells her that Valli decided it. She isn’t agreed to it. Valli complaints that she is trying to go against her wish.

Sundari complaints that she wishes to study in a good school and college but she didn’t allowed her. She tried to fulfill her dreams but she arranged marriage for her. She didn’t go against her. But this time she isn’t able to listen her.

Valli tells her that she didn’t did anything for her selfishness. Sundari says that she performed her marriage. Sundari says that she didn’t suspected her. Because she is believing that Valli won’t do which arrests her. Valli tells her that doctor isn’t giving a guarantee to return her eye sight.

Sundari says that if she don’t do this surgery then she will loss her eye sight forever. Why she isn’t believing that 50% chance. What if she get back her eyesight. She asks her to believe her. She wants to achieve her dream.

She wants believe in god too. God won’t help us straight. She will bless them. Valli tells her that she is believing her. She gives permission to her to do the surgery. Sundari hugs her in happiness.

Mallika serves breakfast to Karthick. Anu asks her doesn’t Sudha cooked today? She tells her that she went to her village. Anu notices the happiness in Mallika’s face and inquire her about it. Mallika shares with her that Sundari agreed to do the operation.

Sundari even convinced her mom. Valli didn’t listen to anyone on that day. Doctors was panic hearing it. Anu says that she shouldn’t be happy for it. Sundari keeps change her words. She is a drama queen.

Mallika says that she just shared her happiness with her. She shouldn’t poke her head in this matter. Anu complaints that she don’t have any rights to talk in her own house.

Sundari gets happy to see Shankar and Selvi visits her house. Selvi shares her grief with Sundari. Lakshmi alerts her that Murugan is here. She asks her to lower her voice. Shankar asks Sundari where is Karthick. Selvi says that he may be with Anu. Lakshmi takes her from there.

Shankar inquires Sundari about Karthick. She lies to him that he went to the temple to pray for her. Shankar complaints to Sundari that she is supporting Karthick. She already did manything for him. She shouldn’t hide this matter anymore. Still Murgan isn’t aware of it.

Sundari says that we wants to keep it secret untill Anu delivers her baby safe. Shankar says that he will go with that Anu. Already, he tried to talk with her about it. But he keeps quiet for Selvi’s sake. He won’t be quiet anymore. Sundari pleads with him to hide this from Murugan.

Murugan comes there surprising him. Shankar asks him why don’t he scold Karthick? He isn’t listening to anyone. Lakshmi alerts her father to control himself. She lies to him that Karthick isn’t staying with Sundari in this state. Doesn’t he arranged Sundari’s marriage with Kartick. He isn’t listening to dad’s words.

Shankar is determined to take a decision. Sundari manages to lie with Murugan. Sundari pleads with Shankar to hide this matter from Murugan for their heir. Lakshmi calls Karthick to alert him. He disconnects the call in fear.

Lakshmi narrates everything to him. Karthik gets shocked to hear it. He doubts how will he escaped from here. He informs Anu that he wants to go out. Anu keeps questioning him in a suspicious way. Karthick lashes out at her in anger.

Episode end