Sundari 21st September 2022 Written Update: Krishna caught Kumar red-handed

Sundari 21st September 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Sundari cleaning her room. Lakshmi asks her to stop cleaning the room she will take care of it. She wants to attend the class right? Sundari shares with her that she doesn’t know where is the necklace? She is damn sure Karthick is behind this incident. He demanded Kumar to steal the necklace. That’s why Karthick rushed back home to meet him. Lakshmi asks her to leave this matter. Sundari is not ready to leave this incident. Sundari leaves from there. Lakshmi inquires Malini where have you been? She shared with her that she went to meet Nila. Lakshmi demands her to clean the room and leaves. She failed to notice the necklace under the bed. Meanwhile, Kumar reminding the incidents. He doubts where is the necklace? He wore the necklace and fainted inside the almira. No one noticed the necklace when they open the almira. It seems necklace is inside the Almira.

Murugan inquires Sundari about Karthick? She lies to him that he was busy in shooting so, he stayed there. Kumar noticed them there and fears to cross them. He thinks if Murugan caught him red handed then he will be a dead meat. He wishes to steal the necklace and leave from there. He sneaks out from there. Meanwhile, Lakshmi complaints to Selvi that Malini is still behaving like a child. She doesn’t know when will she learn to take care of household works? Selvi consoles her that she will learn it asap. Kumar searches for the necklace and find it out. He feels happy to find it again. Kumar gets shocked to see Krishna there. Selvi asks Lakshmi why is she worrying about Malini? Lakshmi shares with her that Sundari returned Malini’s Neckalce to Anu because both looks exactly same. She doesn’t know what will Karthick think about it? Selvi assures her that he won’t misunderstand them. Later, Murugan shares with Sundari that he feels proud of Karthick because he doesn’t misunderstood them.

They heard someone crying sound. Murugan rushes there to check what’s going on there? Sundari asks Krishna to stop beating him. Krishna shares with them that Kumar who steal the necklace. He came here to steal it. Kumar lies to him that he isn’t here to steal. He came here to drink water. He rolled down here. His phone was with him when he fainted. He wished to find it out? Sundari questions him why is he changing his words often? Doesn’t she kept this necklace in her bag then how come it came in Almira? Murugan asks Krishna to stop beating him reasoning he is already sick. Krishna demands him to confess the truth. Kumar lies to him that he went to eat something. He noticed that necklace and took it. Selvi adds that she won’t believe it reasoning he doesn’t know the value of it. He tried to sell it to someone else. Sundari demands him to confess the truth. Kumar shares with her that he wishes to wear it. But Arun’s henchman locked him inside the Almira. Kumar apologize to them for his mistake. Lakshmi asks Murugan to don’t forgive him.

Kumar shares with them that he helped Sundari to perform Malini and Krishna’s marriage. Lakshmi tells him that she won’t leave him for it. Kumar assured to them that he won’t repeat this mistake again. Murugan says that they got the necklace again. Malini return to home. Krishna gifted necklace to her. He narrates to her what happened? Valli gets furious after hearing it.

Episode end