Sundari 22nd November 2022 Written Update: Murugan requests Lakshmi to hide the truth from Sundari

Sundari 22nd November 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Lakshmi asking the priest why Murugan is vomitting? The priest assures her nothing to worry. ” Kuppameni” traditional medicine is best to remove the poison from his body. It seems medicine starts reacting. That is why he vomitted. He will get well soon. Lakshmi asks permission to him to inform her relatives about his health. The priest assures her that he will get well asap. But he might take proper bed rest. She shouldn’t allow him to go out for a weak. It will affect his health. Lakshmi assures him. Later, Sundari calls Mallika. She inquires Sundari doesn’t Selvi understand their situation? Sundari tells her that she isn’t sure whether she forgive him or not? But she understood the situation. But she won’t sit quiet after Anu gave birth to a baby.

Mallika says that they are hiding his secrets for Anu’s sake. She isn’t able to show her frustration out. She asks Sundari why did she called her? Sundari tells her that she is going to Kodaikanal to attend the training. Even Krishna and Malini accompany her for honeymoon trip. Mallika tells her that she will ask Anu to cancel the trip. Sundari says that she is going for relaxation. She shouldn’t stop her. She is going to attend her training but Anu will roam around with Karthick. Kodaikanal isn’t a small village to meet often. Nothing to worry about it. Sundari tells her that she called her to inform Anu it’s too cold there. She advise her to pack the sweater for her. Mallika adds that Sundari is still showing her affection to Anu and her baby even after Anu treating her bad. Sundari tells her that they are doing everything for Anu. She will understand it later. Mallika disconnects the call seeing Anu.

Anu asks Mallika why did she disconnects the call seeing her? Mallika tells her that Sundari called her. She doesn’t like her contacting her. She don’t want to hurt her that is why disconnect the call. Mallika asks her why she is here? Anu tells her that she is waiting for Karthick. Karthick reaches there. Mallika excuses her. Anu informs Karthick that Sundari called her. She talked with her in sarcasm. Anu adds that she is excited to spend time with him in Kodaikanal. She doesn’t want to see Sundari or hear her name these 4 days. Kartick gets nervous hearing it. Meanwhile, Lakshmi fears why Murugan didn’t opened his eyes yet?

She doubts whether he is sleeping well or unconscious. Murugan gets concious. Lakshmi gets emotional seeing him. She shares with him that he refused to go to hospital and slept. But Arun stabbed him with poison applied knife. His body turned blue. The priest helped her to remove poison from his body. Lakshmi adds that Arun isn’t understanding that Murugan didn’t kill his father. He is determined to take revenge on their family. She curses Arun in anger. Lakshmi says that he is a coward. Lakshmi says to him that he might take rest. Murugan assures her to take rest. Lakshmi asks him she wishes to share this matter to Sundari. He pleads with her to hide this matter from everyone. He adds that Sundari went to attend her training. They shouldn’t trouble her anymore.

Later, Krishna asks Sundari why she is looking dull? Sundari complaints to him that Karthick demands her to cancel her training. Doesn’t she faced many problems for him. He is trying to ruin her dream too. Meanwhile, Kumar owner advise him to take long distance travels. He assures him. He gets shocked to see Arun and Ghilli there. He hides his face with mask.

Episode end