Sundari 22nd September 2022 Written Update: Sundari requests Mallika

Sundari 22nd September 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Valli questioning Sundari does Kumar knew the value of that neckalce? Sundari shares with her that Selvi raised the same question to him. Valli adds that only education people can able to understand it’s value. Sundari adds that Kumar said to them that he liked that necklace. That’s why he wore it. But Arun’s henchman locked him inside.

Sundari tells her that Kumar who stole it. He shared many stories to them. Valli says that she is damn sure that he doesn’t know the value of it. Valli adds that she got the necklace that’s enough. Sundari thinks that definitely Karthick asked him to steal it. Malini asks Sundari to return this Neckalce to Anu reasoning Kartick brought it for her. Sentiment is common to everyone. Sundari shares with her that she already gave the necklace to Anu. She will take them wrong if she find it out.

Malini shares with her that Karthick brought it for her on marriage day. She only have this Neckalce on her special memories. She wore it on her wedding day. Sundari shares with her that she can able to understand her situation. She apologized to her for not thinking from her position. Malini adds that Karthick gifted that on her wedding day. Malini asks her to exchange this necklace with Anu reasoning both looks exactly same. She is not adamant but she will feel good if she get it back. Malini says to her lets lie to her it got exchanged because it’s looks exactly same. Sundari shares with her it’s not joke. Sundari assures her that she will try to find out a way to solve this issue. She is thankful to her for giving her necklace on time. Krishna tells her it will be good, if they exchange the necklace without Anu’s knowledge. Sundari assures her that she will talk with Mallika about it.

Meanwhile, Kartick thinks that his plan was flopped. He shouldn’t have buy exactly same design. Because of his small mistake Sundari solves this issue smartly. Neither Malini nor Anu not gonna create issue over it. Kumar comes there and informs Karthick that Krishna beaten him. Necklace was there only. He confessed to them that he stole the Neckalce. Karthick feels relieve after learnt he isn’t revealed his name to anyone. Kumar asks him to give money to him. Karthick demands him to don’t reveal his name to anyone. He assured to him. Later, Subbu inquired him what’s going on? Karthick shares his problems with him. If Murugan find out that Necklace was duplicate then he is over. If Anu find it out then he would have managed it.

Later, Mallika gets frustrated thinking about the fraudulent in business. Anu inquires her what happened? Mallika manages to lie with her. She advises her to take care of her baby instead of worrying about it. Sundari calls Mallika and informs her that she got the necklace. Mallika manages the situation there. Sundari asks Mallika to help her to exchange the necklace. Mallika assured to help her. Meanwhile, Murugan shares his grief to Sundari. He fears that Arun may be planning something against him. He wishes to meet Mallika. Later, Mallika gets surprised to see Anu’s wedding photo. Anu wishes to hang it on hall. Mallika fears the worst.

Episode end