Sundari 25th January 2023 Written Update: Sundari on cloud nine

Sundari 25th January 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Anu inquiring Mallika about Karthick. Didn’t he call her? Mallika tells her that she sent him to consult the doctor for Sundari’s operation. Anu gets angry hearing it and scolds her. Mallika says to Anu that she knew her from childhood. She never fails to give respect to others. But she has changed her character now. She isn’t showing mercy to Sundari. Anu tells her that she didn’t leave that character. But those people don’t deserve respect from her. Anu tells her that she isn’t a fool to give respect to those who look down on her. Mallika complaints that she is over-possessive of him. This character will ruin her life. She adds that Anu assumes that she is always supporting Sundari and Karthick. She fails to recognise that she is doing everything for Anu’s better future. She fears that Anu may lose Karthick in her life because of her attitude. Karthick isn’t a good person. She won’t support him. Mallika tells her that Karthick will reach home late at night and leaves.

Meanwhile, Appatha apologizes to Valli for being rude to Valli. She tells her that she lashed out at her in anger. She worried about Sundari’s future. She shouldn’t skip dinner because of it. Sundari asks her to forgive Appatha. She said like that in anger. Appatha asks her. Didn’t she scold Sundari? She scolded her because she had the right to do it. Appatha tells her that she is considering Valli as her daughter. She has the right to scold her. Sundari asks Valli. Doesn’t she consider Appatha as her mother-in-law? That is why she couldn’t forgive her? Valli tells her that she is considering her as her mom. But she couldn’t accept her harsh words. She said that she was the reason behind her son’s death. It’s hurting a lot. She couldn’t accept that she had snatched Sundari’s eyesight. Appatha apologizes to her. Valli tells her that she is able to understand that Sundari’s happiness matters to her more than anything. Appatha consoles her to take her from there

Karthick walked to and forth in his room. He doubts how he will escape from here? If he fails to return home on time, then Anu makes a scene there. He plans to find a way to escape from there. He notices Murugan there. He lies to him that he got an appointment to meet the doctor. He wants to discuss with the doctor about Sundari’s operation. Murugan advises him to meet him in the morning. Anu calls him at that time. Lakshmi guessed that he wanted to meet Anu. Lakshmi convinces Murugan to give permission to Karthick to meet the doctor. The doctor had already made an appointment for him. Murugan gives permission to him. He adds that he doesn’t know when he is returning home and going out. It’s rare to see him at home. Lakshmi asks him to return home asap.

Sundari wakes up in the morning. She is surprised to see her surroundings. She has better eyesight now. She cleans her face to confirm whether she can see things properly. She feels happy to realise it’s not blurred vision. Later, Valli does morning Pooja. Appatha prays for Sundari. Appatha apologizes to Valli for being rude to her. She adds that she didn’t take her words to heart. She said like that for Sundari’s happiness. Sundari comes there and informs them that she is able to see them. She is able to recognise them. Valli was surprised to hear it.

Episode end