Sundari 28th October 2022 Written Update: Sundari prays for Anu

Sundari 28th October 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with priest splashing sacred water at temple. Sundari gets concious after water drops falls on her face. Sundari feels dark around her. She realised that she couldn’t see anything. She complaints to god that she isn’t able to see anything. Already she snatched her life from her. Now she trying to snatch her dream from her. She lost her dream. It’s better to kill her than punishing her in this way. Doesn’t everyone mentions her as god’s child than why is she punishing her this much. She wished to sacrifice her life on her feet. Priest again splashes water on her. She gains her vision again. Sundari thank God. Priest asks her doesn’t she feeling good? He asks her doesn’t she eat anything? He gives Prasad to her.

Meanwhile, Karthick is walking on a road lost in his thoughts. He is crossing the road without noticing the vehicle. People are lashing out at him. Later, Lakshmi consoles Mallik that nothing will happen to Anu. She says that she has already lost hope. Murugan says to her that she might be strong in this time. She shouldn’t loose her hope. Mallika says that her life changed after Anu came into her life. She gave all her happiness to her. But this baby is Anu’s happiness. What will she answer to Anu when she inquires her about her baby? She adds that Anu won’t be alive if something happens to her baby. Murugan asks her to believe in god. She won’t leave her. Mallika tells him that god is her final hope. She believes in god. She prayed to do Pariharam for her. She pleads with god to save Anu and her baby in return. Sundari says to god that she never failed to save her from her hard times. She hopes that she will save Anu and her baby too.

Sundari noticed Karthick in temple. He says to god that everything he did wrong. He did a sin but she is punishing Anu instead of him. He is accepting his mistake in front of her. He thought this baby will unite his with Anu. He is accepting that he take that baby for granted but he really needs that baby. He loves that baby. He did everything for his love on Anu. He is accepting that he did wrong to two girls and ruin their lives. But she is punishing the wrong persons. She wants to punish him instead of Anu and her baby. He pleads with her to save his baby and Anu. He added that he is ready to bear any punishment but don’t punish them instead of him. He is a human being so it’s usual to commit mistakes. But god shouldn’t commit mistakes like this.
He is ready to take any punishment instead of her. Sundari hears it. Kartick says that he will go to any extend to save his wife and baby. Doesn’t she like her own child Sundari. If he isn’t able to do anything to god. Then he will torture her child Sundari. He is able to make sure she isn’t happy. He will trouble her each and every seconds.

He will snatch Sundari’s happiness. Karthick says that if something happen to his baby and Anu he won’t leave that Sundari. If she has power then save her from him. Later, Sundari reaches to the hospital. She asks Mallika Is surgery started? She tells her not yet. The doctor informs them that power short cuts. They are not able to perform surgery in this situation. Mallika prays god to save her daughter.

Episode end