Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 28th October 2022 Written Update: Ram takes a major decision regarding the business!

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 28th October 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Meera crying and saying you shouldn’t have to get affected because of me. Meera hugs Ram and says I am sorry I was not there with you when you needed me the most I know I did wrong, If I wouldn’t have done that then your life would have been better. Ram says I don’t want to be here, I want to get over this pain, I don’t want to lose my child and wife but I can’t lose my family as well, this business is like my kid, it was my dad’s dream. Ram cries and hug Meera. Meera tries to calm her. Here, Ranveer says so I shouldn’t do anything? I should wait for Ram to go against me. Sandy comes there and thinks I shouldn’t react as I have no proof. Shubham keeps the call and thinks does she know about Ram’s move or truth about doll house?

Shubham says I called you here because I wanted to talk to someone and I can confide in you about my emotions. Sandy says do you have emotions? Really? When Ram was building this with his hard work you were just enjoying, what you did today you hurt Ram morally too. Sandy says you will not get it. Sandy goes angrily. Nandini is hearing this on call. Shubham says to Nandini I am sure this is what Ram is also thinking, everything is over. Vedika says Ram shut me out but you guys have to take your right. Nandini says all because of those Soods and Pihu, everything is over.

Here, Meera tells Ram not to divide his business. Priya and Pihu come there. Pihu and Meera go inside to bring something. Priya makes Ram understand how let Nandini and Shubham have the whole business and they can go on adventures and start life from start. Ram says thank you for showing me the write path, I will name everything on mom and Shubham’s name and we will start something new. Priya thinks you lost even after winning the money as you lost the pure hearted Ram. Here, Nandini decides to show Ram her other side to steal her right and she will steal everything from Ram specially Pihu and Priya. Vedika says but how? Nandini says time to take action. Nandini burns the picture of Ram, Priya and Pihu.

Here, Pihu comes and says I want to hug too. Ram says to Meera that Priya advised me to leave the business to them, I want Priya’s hand for lifetime. Meera says my daughter is with you only. Ram says Pihu now you will have your permanent family. Pihu gets happy.

Later, Priya thinks I hope Nandini doesn’t do anything further now. Sandy comes there and asks her who brought this doll house? Sandy says Pihu and Ishan were upset so I got it to make it right. Priya says not everything can be mend. Sandy says but your and Ram’s relation became fixed, so tell me when are you planning to start your life together again? Priya says tomorrow, we will marry in kul devi mandir. Sandy says I am so happy, I always knew things will turn right. Priya says I am happy we are starting fresh. Sandy teases Priya for having a sleepless night. Priya blushes. Priya goes to sleep. Sandy texts Krish to tell her about any leads about doll house as I am sure Shubham did something and I don’t want them to do anything tomorrow. Priya hears this and asks Sandy about truth. Sandy says we will get to know tomorrow. Priya says I am tensed and I will not let Nandini ruin anything now.

Later, Priya comes to Pihu. Pihu says I tensed for Ram who is so much stressed. Priya says everything will be alright, as he has us. Pihu says yes. Priya and Pihu decide to always support Ram no matter what. Priya tells Pihu about her and Ram’ marriage which happened earlier. Here, Nandini calls the lawyers and learns how Ram has not started any preparation of property papers. Nandini and Shubham get disappointed. Nandini says now it’s time for another fight. Vedika suggests them to kill Ram.

Episode ends.

Precap – Ram waits for Priya when Nandini gives him a letter from Pihu saying they won’t come as they can’t see him get separated from his family. Ram feels Pihu is in danger.

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