Sundari 2nd November 2022 Written Update: Anu determined to find out the truth

Sundari 2nd November 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Karthick informing Anu that Mallika may be hiding something from them. He doesn’t care about her personal life. He tells her that he is going to talk with the financier for money. Anu says to him she will give him money.

Karthick denied it, reasoning he wanted to start a business with his own money. He doesn’t need Mallika’s money. Later, Lakshmi informs Sundari that Mallika came here to meet her. Sundari doubts what happened? Mallika informs her that Karthick played a drama with Anu. She believed that Sundari had exchanged the necklace.

She was the one who had promised Anu not to talk about this to Sundari. Mallika suggests Sundari reveal the truth to everyone. Later, Anu talks with the Settu for money. He tells her it’s a high amount. That is why he is hesitating.

Anu says to him that Mallika has 10 times more than this in her account. But she didn’t need her money to start her husband’s business. He wants to start his own independent business. He assured her to give money to her. Anu gives a guarantee of his money.

Meanwhile, Karthick returns home. Lakshmi questions him. Why is he troubling Sundari this much? Doesn’t he get enough? She is ashamed to mention him as her brother. He asks her to stop mentioning things like that.

Sundari questions Karthick. Why is he here? Doesn’t he steal the Necklace to create a misunderstanding between Anu and Sundari? He asks her who asked her to accept the necklace? He didn’t do it intentionally.

She complains that he did it intentionally. She holds his collar in anger. She faints down in shock. Mallika demands him to call the doctor. Later, Anu questions where Mallika went? Does she hide anything from her? She is not used to hiding anything from her. Nothing is there to hide from her.

Anu asks the security about Mallika? He shares with her that Mallika asked him to call the auto to visit the temple. Anu doubts may be she went to meet Sundari.

Karthick thinks what happened to Sundari? She is often fainting down and behaving strange. He fears that she has some serious health issues. He noticed the doctor crossed his car. He thinks that he is going to meet her but she going to opposite side.

He stops her car and informs her that Sundari fainted in home. He wants to take her home to check her. The doctor informs him that Sundari shouldn’t get stress. She will faint due to stress. If she didn’t wake up in 30 minutes he might admit her in hospital. He leaves from there.

Later, Anu calls Valli and inquire her about Sundari? She shares with her that Sundari’s husband returned to home. Anu asks her doesn’t her husband went to Dubai? Valli tells her that he already returned home.

Anu thinks that she lied to her that Kartick went to Dubai. She invites Anu to her home. Anu calls Karthick to return home. She lies to him that her stomach paining. He informs Krishna about it and drive back to home.

Valli worries about Sundari’s health. Karthik reaches to home and inquire her about health? Anu demands him to take her out. He suggests her to call the ambulance. But Anu is adamant to go in car. She demands him drive to Sundari’s house without questioning her.

Episode end