Sundari 6th January 2023 Written Update: Arun grows suspicious

Sundari 6th January 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Dilli informing to Arun that Sundari has some issues in her eyes. Arun says that she deserves it. He saw Anu scolding Karthick. He is hiding something from them. Arun says that this news is enough to ruin Murugan’s reputation in village. He cut his hand. He won’t leave him. He wishes to confirm it and ruin his reputation. Meanwhile, Valli meets Sundari in the hospital. She worries about her health. Sundari assures her that she is feeling better now. Murugan asks her to stop demotivating her. She wants to bless her in this situation. She applies Thiruneer to her. Valli tells him that they didn’t inform anything to her. After learnt the truth she shouldn’t stay there. She asks them why did they hide the truth from her? She assures her that she is able to accept the reality. Sundari tells her that she used to fear about everything. That is why she didn’t inform her. The doctor comes there and inquires Sundari how she is feeling now? She assures him that she feels better now. The doctor asks them to shift her to Chennai reasoning thet don’t have enough facilities in this hospital.

Karthick informs her that he inquired his friends about best eye hospital. He thought to shift her to Chennai. It’s good he suggested it by himself. Murugan and Karthick leaves from there. Meanwhile, Krishna notices Murugan lost in his thoughts. Murugan shares with Krishna that doctor said to him Sundari’s health isn’t in good condition. He wants to shift her to another hospital. Krishna tells him it’s not possible to leave from here asap. Still he wants to get some offical letters from government for his release. Lakshmi and her parents won’t go with Sundari leaving him alone. So Kartick and Valli will take care of her to the hospital. Krishna asks Kartick won’t he stay with his wife? He assures him to take care of her. Murugan thinks that how will he leave her alone. Krishna assures him that Kartick will manage it.

Murugan says to Valli that he wants to share something with her. Valli tells him that she doesn’t want to leave Sundari alone in this situation. Already she struggled alot without her presence. She won’t leave her alone. Murugan says that he is asking her to stay with her. Krishna says that she needs more treatment. Murugan advise him to calm down. He is scaring her. Murugan clears with her that Sundari wants to take more scans. It’s not available in this place. Valli asks him does he asking her to take Sundari from here alone? Krishna tells her that case isn’t over yet. He wants to wait for official release letter from government.

Court didn’t give permission to Murugan to go out from this place. He wants to complete few more process. Or else it will create more issues to him. He assures Valli that Kartick will accompany her. Later, Murugan advises Sundari to take care of herself. Sundari tells him that she will take care of herself. Murugan says that someone wants to be with her in this situation. Sundari says that it’s not a big deal. Murugan complaints that she is forgetting to take care of herself. She is always busy in taking care of others. Krishna and Murugan asks her to call him often. Valli says that she wants to meet Appatha. If she meet her then she will get a moral support. Murugan advises Kartick to take care of Sundari. He nods with him. Murugan shares his grief with Krishna. Later, Murugan calls Mallika and inform her about Sundari’s health condition. He requests her to take care of Sundari. Mallika assures him to take care of her. Mallika notices Anu there and lies to her that Kartick coming to meet her. Anu wishes to reach a lesson to him.

Episode end