Swaran Ghar 12th August 2022 Written Update: Arjun has an offer for Vikram

Swaran Ghar 12th August 2022 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

In today’s episode, Arjun realises that he has heard the name ‘Swaran’ before and tries to recall where he heard it. Ajit asks Swaran if she is linking the name ‘Sanjha Chula’. Swaran signals yes. Ajit says that they are starting ‘Sanjha Chula dhaba’. Bebe tells Swaran that their dhaba will beat Ajit’s dhaba. Arjun comes across Yug’s show on TV and recalls about Swaran Nikhar. Arjun asks Mallika to bring the brochure of Swaran Nikhar immediately. Ajit asks Swaran to say yes for their plan. Swaran says that she doesn’t want to run any dhaba. She says that she is thinking about doing the work of picking and dropping school students. Bebe tells Swaran to not worry about dhaba as she will handle it.

Swaran tells Bebe that she won’t let her work, she will only relax and take care of Swaran and herself. Ajit tells Swaran that Bebe was really happy after having her first income, she got her confidence back. Swaran says that she wants to become Bebe’s self confidence and support system as she can’t put burden on Bebe’s shoulder at this old age. Bebe says that she is not alone in this. Neelu gives a surprise visit. Neelu, Ajit and Bebe fold their hands before Swaran and request Swaran to get convinced. Swaran agrees and says that the dhaba will remain open at evening only. Kiran and Nimmo get to know that Swaran came at Aarav’s school and fed him parathas, also gave him a Kada. Aarav also informed them that Swaran would attend his annual day function.

Nimmo asks Kiran to call and question the school authority for allowing any random person at their premises. Kiran called and Complained about Swaran and asked them to not allow Swaran at the annual day function. The school authority says that none can enter the function without passes and Aarav’s passes are sent to his home already. Kiran informs Nimmo that she and Vikram will attend the function tomorrow. Arjun enquires Mallika for the brochure. Mallika mentions about shredder. Arjun asks Mallika to bring the scraps of that brochure. He also orders her to contact the peon who was talking about Swaran that day. Swaran and others prepare their home suitably for the dhaba.

Arjun assembles the scraps and manages to make Swaran’s face. He calls at the number mentioned in brochure. Vikram picks up the call, Arjun introduces himself and wishes to talk to Swaran. Arjun says that he will meet Vikram personally. Vikram asks him to come at Neon Night Club. Swaran informs Bebe about the function at Aarav’s school. Ajit cheers for Dillu while he prepares for his performance at annual function. Ankita asks Jai to visit the function with Ajit. Vikram greets Arjun. He sees that Arjun has kept their brochure even after shredding it. Arjun says that he knows everything about Swaran Nikhar’s history.

He asks Vikram to find Swaran if he wants Arjun to think about Swaran Nikhar’s promotion. Swaran informs Bebe about Aarav’s kidnapping. Arjun tells Vikram that if he can find Swaran within next 15 hours he will run campaign of Swaran Nikhar on his radio channel for whole month and RJ Tanha will endorse it. Vikram calls Bebe. Bebe says that she doesn’t know anyone named Vikram. She says that she is busy and cuts the call. Arjun reminds him about 15 hours and goes to leave. Rajeshwari calls him and asks why he has cancelled all the meetings of next day. Arjun says that he would attend his school’s annual function tomorrow. Ajit calls Swaran and informs her about attending the annual function tomorrow. The episode ends.

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