Swaran Ghar 1st June 2022 Written Update: Ajit confronts Divya

Swaran Ghar 1st June 2022 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Today’s episode starts with Swaran recalling Kanwaljeet holding his shawl and worrying for Bebe. Swaran feels that Bebe was so speechless after hearing about Kanwaljeet’s death that she cut the call. Neelu tells Swaran that Parents can bear anything but not their children’s death. Swaran says that she can’t imagine herself in Bebe’s place no matter how much he sons wronged her. Swaran says that Ajit’s reaction over Divya’s matter is justified. She wonders how Ajit will react if he learns about Divya’s lie.

Ajit asks Divya to accompany him to the police station to launch a police Complaint against Swaran. Divya denies. Jai comes in. Ajit informs him about Swaran slapping Divya. Jai says that he doesn’t believe it. Ajit asks Divya to go to Swaran Ghar with him to confront Swaran. Divya spills the beans by saying that Swaran didn’t slap her. Ajit says that she knew it as the marks was on left cheek at hospital but they are on right cheek at home.

Ajit asks Divya about the Video. Divya says that she recorded it in a way that one feels like Swaran is slapping her and she used Slapping sound in background by editing. Jai says that he had many doubts in mind but not anymore as he trusts Ajit. Ajit takes Divya to a room, reads Kanwaljeet’s letters where he asked Ajit to take care of Swaran after his demise.

Ajit says that Kanwaljeet knew that his sons are worthless, they won’t take care of Swaran after his death. Ajit says that he use to feel that his children are better as they trust him but Divya broke his misconceptions today. Ajit says that he went to confront Swaran, shouted on her for slapping Divya. Swaran didn’t say that Divya lied for once. She was helping his employees to restart the dhaba as she knows to keep friendship.

Ajit says that he won’t contact Swaran or go back to Swaran Ghar. He will go whatever Divya wants. He asks Divya what she wants, whether she wants her father to be a selfish person or the helpful Ajit everyone knows about. Bebe packs luggage for India. Nirmal tries to stop her but she doesn’t listen. Nirmal learns that Bebe is still unaware about Kanwaljeet’s demise. Bebe asks her not to inform Swaran anything as she wants to give her surprise.

Mickey discuss about Bebe and Swaran’s sons with Neelu in market. She tells Swaran that Swaran loves her sons unconditionally but her love is one sided. One sided love is not love but deals only. Nakul hears her words and feels that he should support Swaran being her son. Swaran tries to contact Bebe but failed. Nakul comes in and saves Swaran from getting electric shock.

Nakul apologies to Swaran for his each and every mistakes. He tells Swaran that he has lost his job and is in real pain. He says that there is none to support him. He blames Kiran for manipulating him against Swaran. Kiran worries as Nakul goes to patch up with Swaran and blames Mickey for the same. Vikram asks her not to worry and wait for the trials to begin. Yug hears the conversation.

The episode ends.

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