Swaran Ghar 22nd September 2022 Written Update: Swaran gets emotional

Swaran Ghar 22nd September 2022 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

In today’s episode, Bebe holds Swaran’s hand. Vikram looks at her. Bebe asks police to take Vikram with them. Swaran gets tears. Vikram asks her to reconsider her decision. He releases himself from the clutches of police and rush towards Swaran. Ajit gears up to protect Swaran but Arjun comes in between Vikram and Swaran. Police catch Vikram. Vikram warns Swaran that she will regret for this. Police take him out forcefully. Ajit worries thinking about Swaran’s state of mind. He recalls Bebe’s order and feels helpless for not being able to go infront of Swaran. He thinks that Arjun will take care of Swaran.

Arjun says sorry to Swaran from bringing Vikram there. Swaran tells him that whatever he did was right. He says if Swaran wants he can help Vikram to come out of jail and he will do that whenever Swaran will ask him. He asks Swaran to promise that she will call him whenever she will need anything. Swaran makes the promise. Ajit overhears the entire conversation and feels bad. Arjun leaves. Swaran closes the door. Ajit leaves aswell. Swaran recalls Vikram and cries. Nakul observes her. Bebe comforts Swaran and asks Kiran to give water to her. Kiran goes to take water halfheartedly and takes some water in her hand. After giving water to Swaran she applies that water on Aarav’s face and hands. She complains to Nakul that it’s too hot there as Aarav is sweating too much.

Sharvari notices everything. Swaran calls Nakul and asks him to leave for Swaran Ghar with Kiran and Aarav. Kiran agrees with Swaran. Bebe tries to object but Swaran signals her to not. Ajit comes home. Dillu tells that they were waiting for him but started eating later without him. Ankita asks Ajit to eat, Jai says that Ajit might ate at Swaran’s place. Ajit says that he is not hungry. Arjun’s aunt meets him and Rajeshwari. They discuss about Swaran and her son. Rajeshwari criticizes Swaran for getting her son arrested while Arjun, aunt praise Swaran.

Aunt asks Arjun to give good jobs to Swaran’s sons. Rajeshwari raises objection. Aunt says that after marriage Swaran’s sons will become Arjun’s sons. She asks Arjun if he is ready for all these. Arjun says 100 percent. They share a hug. Aunt asks Arjun to take her to Swaran’s house to finalize the marriage. Arjun asks if it’s not too early. Aunt says that she wants the marriage soon and will talk to Bebe. Arjun gets an urgent call and leaves for office. Swaran comes office. Arjun gets shocked and asks her to come to his cabin. At cabin, Arjun asks Swaran if she is fine. Swaran nods yes. Ajit gets restless as he worries for Swaran.

Dillu brings food and asks him to eat. Ajit hugs him and cries. Dillu asks why he is crying. Ajit says that he is crying as Swaran is crying too. He speaks his heart out with Dillu. Arjun asks Swaran why she didn’t take leave. Swaran says that she doesn’t want to compromise with work. Arjun again asks her for Vikram’s bail. Swaran says no until Vikram realise his mistakes and apologises to the ladies who suffered due to defective cream. Dillu asks Ajit to call Swaran and talk. He dials Swaran’s number, Mallika picks it. She informs Ajit that Swaran is busy with Arjun since last half an hour. Ajit feels that Swaran doesn’t need him anymore. The episode ends.

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