Swaran Ghar 26th May 2022 Written Update: Ajit goes into coma

Swaran Ghar 26th May 2022 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Today’s episode starts with Swaran telling Ajit that nothing will happen to him as she is here and removing the debris over his body. Yug comes there and helps Swaran and girls to take Ajit to the ambulance. Swaran is told that only one family member can accompany Ajit. Swaran tries to go forward but Divya blocks her way. She announces that only a family member will go not any outsider. Divya sits in the ambulance and leave. Yug says that she will take Swaran to the hospital. Ambar says that they should stay near Ajit. Mickey tells Swaran that she rescused Ajit removing all obstacles, he will be alright.

Swaran says that she won’t go to hospital but somewhere else where she use to go every year with Kanwaljeet, that’s gurudwar. Her all wishes use to get fulfilled after visiting the Gurudwar. Ambar says that they will accompany Swaran. Swaran asks them to go to hospital as Ajit never left them alone so they should not leave Ajit in his crisis.

Ajit is taken to the hospital by Divya, Jai and Ankita. Swaran recalls her and Ajit’s memories. Nurse asks Jai and Divya to accompany her as she has to remove Ajit’s watch, chain and Kada to make him ready for the operation. Sukhi requests them not to remove the Kada as it has blessings of Mata Rani. Jai agrees.

At Gurudwar Swaran prays to save Ajit’s life. Swaran says that she did a mistake by saying Ajit that she won’t see his face ever in life. She says that she is taking her words back. Swaran does heavy works of gurudwar to punish herself. Divya asks nurse what happened to Ajit. She says patient got cardiac arrest.

Divya faints. Sharvari communicates about the situation to Swaran and tells her that doctors are giving shock to Ajit. Doctor gives back to back shocks to Ajit but he doesn’t respond. Swaran ties a knot in her duppata and prays for Ajit’s life. Ajit responds to the shock. Sharvari calls Swaran and informs that Ajit is out of danger and operation was successful.

Swaran reaches the hospital. Swaran says Sharvari that she hates this place as she lost Kanwaljeet here. Jai thanks Swaran for saving Ajit’s life. Swaran asks doctor about Ajit’s condition. Doctor says that it’s miraculous that Ajit survived but he went to comma due to heavy injury on head, they have to keep his under observation for next 12 hours. Jai cries, Swaran gives him hope. Ambar suggests to use trick used in 3 idiots movie with Ajit. Swaran agrees and asks Mickey, Nehmat, Ambar and Jai to go and talk to Ajit. Divya comes there and asks Swaran what she is doing there as she not a family member.

Swaran offers water to Divya, she throws it away and says she won’t even eat prasad from ger. Swaran says that she went to Gurudwar to pray for Ajit, he will be fine. Divya says that Swaran might prayed half-heartedly that’s why Ajit is in comma now. She cries and asks Swaran to leave.

Divya says Jai that Swaran is not their well-wisher. She says that nothing good is happening with Ajit since Swaran came in his life. She doesn’t want Swaran’s shadow upon Kanwaljeet, she also adds that whoever Swaran gets close with leaves this world. She pleads Swaran to leave. Jai takes Divya away.

Ankita says sorry to Swaran. Swaran gives her the prasad. Sukhi tells everyone that the Kada which Swaran gave earlier has saved Ajit’s life today. Swaran tells Sharvari that Ajit has helped her always directly or indirectly. She says why she should stay in the hospital and trouble his children when she can’t help Ajit anyway. Swaran tries to leave but stops after feeling Ajit’s presence as he is being shifted.

Kiran and Vikram discuss about the photograph before lawyer how they missed a golden chance today. Kiran sees Swaran and others outside and asks the lawyer to leave. Vikram and Kiran hide themselves and guess about Ajit’s condition seeing Swaran’s face. Neelu asks Swaran to eat something. Swaran says that she won’t, asks her to feed others. Swaran checks the time, Mickey says that 11 hours are left. Swaran keeps herself busy in household work to pass the time. Mickey brings milk for Swaran and asks her to have it.

Swaran does not reply, Mickey keeps in on table and leaves. Swaran works whole night. Sharvari asks her to rest. Swaran worries as 10 hours has passed and only two hours are left still Ajit is in comma. Mickey says if Ajit heard Swaran’s voice he might come out of comma. Nehmat says that Divya might created havoc in that case.

Ambar gets Kiran’s call and goes outside. Sharvari asks Swaran to ignore Divya and go to hospital to see Ajit. Swaran says that she doesn’t want Jai and Divya to loose their father too. Swaran also says everything is her fault as she asked Ajit to leave and all these happened. Divya cries holding Ajit and requests him to wake up.

Ambar tells Kiran that she won’t help Kiran in anyway. She tells Nimmo that she doesn’t want to see Swaran in any problem. Kiran says that she wants to help Ambar and Swaran this time for a change. She suggests to make Ajit hear Swaran’s voice. Ambar says that Divya won’t let Swaran meet Ajit. Kiran suggests to send Swaran’s voice note for Ajit.

Nimmo asks Kiran what is she upto. Kiran says that while recording Swaran may spill something which may help them in future. Jai calls Swaran and informs her that Ajit is still in comma. Ambar tells the voice recording plan Infront of Swaran and others. Everyone agrees. The episode ends.

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