Swaran Ghar 29th September 2022 Written Update: Ajit feels jealous

Swaran Ghar 29th September 2022 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

In today’s episode, Ajit asks Swaran and Arjun what they would like to have. Arjun asks Swaran if she would like to have cold coffee. Swaran says that Ajit doesn’t make cold coffee in dhaba. Ajit says that he can make it. Arjun mentions about his office party and asks Ajit to take catering’s order. He says that Swaran has suggested him Ajit’s name. Ajit says that he can’t take the offer due to lack of staffs. Swaran tries to convince him but Ajit ignores her. He asks Arjun to excuse him. He goes to make cold coffee. Swaran wonders what’s in his mind. Swaran sits with Arjun.

Swaran, Ajit keep looking at each other. He feels bad seeing Swaran smiling at Arjun. He serves the coffee to Arjun who praises it. Arjun asks Swaran to take a sip from his glass. Swaran drinks the coffee. Ajit feels jealous. He breaks Swaran’s glass in anger. Arjun questions him. Ajit says that it was not needed as Swaran and Arjun are sharing same glass. Swaran gets stunned hearing the comment. Arjun asks him to have food with them. Ajit says that there is no seat for him. Swaran removes her bag from the remaining chair and asks him to sit. Ajit says that he doesn’t want to sit in between and leaves from there.

Arjun asks Swaran what is wrong with Ajit. Swaran tries to change the topic. Arjun goes to take a call. Swaran gets teary eyed and confronts Ajit. She asks him what he is trying to do outside by making those comments. Ajit ignores her question and tries to behave formally with her. Ajit goes to kitchen while Swaran follows her. Arjun fails to spot Arjun outside. He checks the ring he bought for Swaran and wishes to confess his feelings for her. Ajit vents Swaran’s frustration on Sukhi. He says that none cares about someone who is there for them always but when he leaves people realise his value.

Swaran realises that those words are for her only. She asks him to talk to her directly. Ajit sees her tears and asks why she is crying. Swaran asks him why he cares and comes outside. Arjun spots Swaran while crying. Swaran tells him that he wants to talk, she needs a friend to speak he heart out. He proposes to go to a nearby park. Swaran agrees. Ajit sees them leaving. He gets upset and check that ring. He calls Bebe and informs her whatever happened at dhaba. He fears that Swaran will go away from him. He says that he can’t ignore her anymore and wants to talk to her and know her feelings.

Bebe asks Ajit to confront Swaran and make his stand clear. Ajit thinks that he can’t let anyone else to take his place this time. Swaran, Arjun reach the dhaba. Swaran recalls Ajit’s words and feels bad. Arjun asks Swaran what happened to her. Swaran says it’s nothing. Arjun asks her to share her thoughts with him. Swaran says that Arjun is her boss. He says that outside office he is his friend only. Swaran says that she is not able to say anything. Arjun says that he eagerly wants to hear her words. Swaran fails to say anything. Arjun then asks her share her thoughts with RJ Tanha. Tanha asks Swaran to meet her friend and speak her heart out. Swaran talks to Tanha who suggests her to stop caring about the world and starts afresh in life. The episode ends.

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