Swaran Ghar 4th August 2022 Written Update: Aarav gets kidnapped

Swaran Ghar 4th August 2022 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Today’s episode starts with Swaran spotting Aarav while eating chocolate. She gets to know that Aarav found the chocolates on the ground. She asks him not eat it and feeds him the chocolate that she has brought for him. Kiran sees the incident. Swaran asks Aarav to go his mother and tries to leave. Kiran tries to reach Aarav. Aarav faints kidnapper picks him in the mean time. Swaran sees it and goes to save Aarav.

A lady collides with Swaran and Swaran falls on the ground. Later that lady sits in the car with other kidnappers and they leave from there with Aarav. Ajit sees Swaran and gets to know about Aarav’s kidnapping from her. He enquires about the car from the crowd but none could provide any useful information. Kiran cries for Aarav. Swaran tries to pacify Swaran. Police enquires about the kidnappings from Bedis. Nimmo says that Swaran knows everything as Aarav was last seen with her. Kiran says that she saw Swaran while feeding something to Aarav.

Swaran says that Aarav was eating a random chocolate, she only gave her the chocolate she brought. Kiran says that Swaran lost his house so she took revenge from Kiran by using Aarav. Police tells Swaran that they will interrogate her if they don’t find Aarav. Ajit tells them Swaran can’t bring any harm for Aarav being his grandmother. He requests them to focus on finding Aarav instead. Kiran gets Nakul’s call. She informs him about Aarav’s kidnapping. Nakul gets shocked. Nimmo asks him to question Swaran regarding Aarav’s kidnapping.

Nakul asks Swaran what’s happening. Ajit asks Nakul to not worry as they all are there and they will find Aarav. Arjun and Rajeshwari travel by their car to reach their board meeting. Arjun smiles recalling Aarav and says Rajeshwari that he met a cute boy today. Aarav gains consciousness and starts questioning the kidnappers. The kidnappers scold him and asks him to keep quiet. Arjun’s car crosses kidnappers’ car but Arjun fails to stop Aarav when he raises his hand. Police checks every car due to the kidnapping incident.

Arjun and Rajeshwari hears Aarav’s kidnapping news. Arjun says that he will go and help in that kidnapping case. He goes to talk to the police. Police stops kidnappers car for checking. They shoot two police and leave. Swaran and others learn about the same. Swaran starts worrying after learning that the kidnappers are carrying guns. She requests police to protect Aarav. Vikram says that they will reach Swaran Ghar. Ajit suggests to wait at the Gurudwar and waits for their calls. Police takes away all the phones of Bedis to track the kidnappers if they call for money. Ajit asks Swaran not to worry and have faith in almighty. He says that a mother’s prayer has lot of power and Swaran should pray for Aarav. Swaran goes inside and prays for Aarav. The episode ends.

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