Tara From Satara 4th February 2020 Written Update: Shatru gives Tara a challenge

The episode starts with Tara asking Bappa why he is playing with her and continuously bringing obstacles in her path. She cries because God is not listening to her and says that if she makes any mistake Shatru will win and she can’t let her father lose so she has to win the show at any cost. She cries but then tries controlling her tears realizing that God wants her to think maturely and decides not to disappoint him and her father.

The next morning Radhika trains some dancers including Arjun and then asks them to take break. She asks Arjun to go and have lunch with Tara.

Arjun has lunch with Tara who keeps talking but he replies only with “hmm” because he is tensed for his mother. He tells Tara that his mother left her job but he feels bad for all the hard work he she has done for him. Tara suggests Arjun that his mother should open a stall of VadaPav since she cooks greatly. Arjun says that he should have thought about this idea before and adds that now he has to think how to convince his mother.

RT asks the finalists to choose a dance form while the song will be given them on the stage itself. He says that he liked this idea given by Shatru. Tara thinks that Shatru did it purposely to put her in difficulty. RT asks them to tell him which dance form they want to perform on by the evening or else he will choose it for them. He leaves.

Tara gets thoughtful and TJ notices that. Tara shares with him that she only knows Bollywood but her father hates it so she has to take permission from him. TJ makes her understand that her father loves her so he will listen to her choice for sure.

Amukh comes and tells Tara that he managed to make her talk with Sachin through video call. She goes in her room and finds out that Amukh arranged a protector and a laptop for the video call. She sees Sachin and gets nervous recalling Sachin’s hatred for Bollywood dance form. She nervously talks to Sachin telling him what RT said and asking him what dance form she should choose. Sachin asks her to choose Bollywood dance and says that it was his mistake that he tried forbidding her to dance on Bollywood songs just because he faced injustice in the past and since she does that dance by heart she should choose it only. Tara thanks him and Sachin thanks her for reminding him how to dance with the heart and tells her that once she wins the show and comes back to Satara he will train her hard. He asks Arjun to switch off the video call now but Tara asks him to wait and steps back a bit. She makes him back off until she is able to see his feet and then takes his blessing. Just then Amukh and Tara hear Shatru’s voice and turn getting scared. Amukh immediately switches off the laptop and protector.

Shatru comes inside the room and asks Tara which dance form she has chosen. Tara tells him that she has chosen Bollywood. Shatru laughs saying that Sachin hates Bollywood and she is going to perform on it.

Later Shatru tells Venky that he has put the songs chosen for the contestants in the laptop and asks him not to let it reach in the hands of the contestants. Amukh hears that and decides to find out which song has been chosen for Tara. Shatru looks at Amukh who puts the song in his pen drive and thinks that it’s the wrong song and when in finale Tara will have to dance on another song she won’t be able to dance.

Amukh gives the pen drive with the song to Tara. She takes it.

Arjun tries convincing her mother to open a food stall so that she won’t have to follow others’ order but she says that she isn’t capable enough to open her own business. Arjun tries encouraging her praising her food.

Tara listens to the song Amukh gave her through headphones and dances on it.

Later TJ, Divya and Tara are rehearsing. Shatru comes and shows them his dance video. Tara recognizes her father’s “manmani step” which Shatru had snatched and wonders why he is showing it to them. Shatru tells them that he has launched a challenge on social media asking people to try reproducing that step but nobody has done it perfectly till now. He challenges them to copy it.

After a while Amukh sees Tara tensed and asks her not to worry about Shatru’s challenge. Shatru comes and tells Tara that if she is really Sachin’s daughter she will be able to do the step. Tara promises him that she will do the step not on social media but on the stage in finale in front of everybody. Shatru thinks that Sachin spent one week to learn this step and Tara wants to learn it in one night and now the same step that ruined Sachin will spoil Tara’s life too.

Episode ends

Precap:  It’s the day of the finale. Sachin asks Tara to dance for herself and not him or anybody else. Tara promises him that she will win the show.