Tera Mera Saath Rahe 16th May 2022 Written Update: Mithila advices Saksham-Gopika to have a kid

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The episode starts with Gopika decides to make amras with mangoes and decides to take mangoes from the store room. Keshav says that someone is coming towards the store room so they have to hide Kesari. They all asks Kesari to hide inside the box but Kesari refuses. Gopika enters the Store room and gets shocked and confused seeing the men in the family there. She asks what they all are doing here. Saksham tells that Rajjo beat Munna really bad so they are here for him. Gopika smiles and says now they understands what they have to go through if they do anything such right. They all nods yes. Chirag asks Gopika why she is in the store room.

Munna recalls how Kesari demanded money from them and they all give it to her she then hides herself inside the box. Gopika tells Chirag that she is going to make amras for everyone so decides to take mangoes. They all says the mangoes in this box is not a good one but Gopika says they had it and it’s a really good one. They all stops her from going near the box.

Munna takes mangoes and gives it to Gopika but the latter complaints the mango is not good so he exchanges it. Gopika gets confused seeing their behavior. She tells Saksham that Mithila wants to talk to him about something important. Saksham tells Gopika that he will be there. Gopika leaves the place. Saksham asks the other men’s to hide Kesari somewhere else like in one of their guest room. They all agrees. Saksham goes to see Mithila and asks her the reason

. Gopika also goes to Mithila’s room and sits beside Saksham. Chirag Keshav and Munna brings Kesari to a guest room and tells that this will be the right place for them to hide Kesari. Mithila tells Saksham and Gopika about the earlier misunderstanding regarding Gopika’s pregnancy and questions them when they are planning to start a family by having a kid. Saksham and Gopika looks shocked.

Keshav tells Chirag and Munna if anyone comes inside then they have to make sure Kesari hides herself somewhere inside the room itself. Munna puts the blanket below the bed and says that this place will be nice for Kesari to hide. Keshav advices Kesari to hide if anyone sees her. Kesari demands money from him. He gives it to her and puts her inside the cupboard. Rajjo and Ashi enters the room shocking all three of them.

Saksham says to Mithila that she knows very well the reason behind his decision to not to have a kid. She has gone through a lot. Mithila tells Saksham that he needs to stop his future happiness due to what happened in the past. She also asks him to consider this as one of her wish. Saksham gets shocked. Rajjo and Ashi says to each other that all the men are spending so much time together. Chirag and Munna accuses the same about Ashi and Rajjo. Ashi and Rajjo says they are here to take the blankets which is in the cupboard shocking the three of them.

All three of them refuses to let Ashi and Rajjo go near the cupboard. Kesari demands money from Keshav and the latter gives it to her. Ashi and Rajjo argues they only know which blanket they need and opens the door. All three of them gets worried but gets relived seeing Kesari is not inside the cupboard. Kesari hides under the bed. Munna signs at Chirag. Gopika tells Mithila that she is going to support Saksham’s decision to not to have kid as he is not ready.

Mithila asks Saksham to think about his decision. Ashi and Rajjo decides to leave the room but Ashi stops and asks Rajjo that the blanket in their hand is enough. Rajjo and the men says yes and both Rajjo and Ashi leaves the room. Keshav says now they have to think about whose kid is this by recalling their past. They agrees and leaves the place.

Chirag notes down his girlfriend’s list in his phone and Munna notes it down in a paper and Keshav notes it down in a laptop. Saksham thinks and says that he is sure he dont have such relationship with anyone he met. Ashi goes to Chirag and asks what is he doing. Chirag says that he is taking a list of Groceries. Ashi asks him to show it also questions him from when did he start doing all this. Chirag refuses to show her the list and says he started doing it at the time they were in the chawl. He decides to continue to become independent and leaves the place.

Ashi gets confused. Rajjo goes to Munna and takes the notepad from his hand and pleads him to forgive her saying she know he is upset with her that’s why he is pretending to study. Munna refuses and leaves the place making an excuse. Minal goes to Keshav and questions him the smile he have on his face. Keshav lies that he is remembering about their earlier marriage life which makes Minal to get shy. Gopika goes to Saksham and touches his back. Saksham smiles after Gopika starts tickling him.

Gopika says that he is busy she thought he forget her. Saksham tells it will never happy until his last breath. Gopika asks him not to say such things. They both hug each other. Later Saksham gives a food to Kesari. All four of them start accusing one another saying Kesari is not their daughter. They all decides to go to sleep and pleads Kesari to not to make any noise and leaves. Kesari goes near a window. A mysterious woman comes and signs at Kesari. Kesari smiles at her.

The next day Kesari Kesari troubles Chirag Keshav and Munna. She fools them and goes out of the room. She then returns back surprising all three of them. Saksham comes behind her and scolds them for letting Kesari go out of the room. He asks what would have happened if anyone seen her. Ashi comes there and questions Saksham. They all gets shocked. Saksham brings Kesari closer to him and signs at the other three. They all looks on worried.

Precap: Munna notices Kesari is in the living room while having food with the family members. He signs at Saksham and the latter looks back and gets shocked seeing Kesari. Gopika gets confused seeing Saksham’s reaction. Rajjo notices a kid’s shadow and tells the family members. The men in the family gets shocked. Saksham tries to stop Gopika but the latter walks past him to enter the kitchen. Saksham looks on worried.

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