Tera Mera Saath Rahe: Gopika’s decision to shock Saksham?

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Starbharat’s show Tera Mera Saath Rahe is gearing up with interesting drama with Kesari’s mother gets happy thinking she fooled the Modi’s however she gets trapped inside the net when she decides to leave the house by the Modi’s. Saksham tells his family members Kesari’s mother is none other than one of her college friend Sharda and the latter tells everyone they slept with each other during their college farewell party in their drunken state shocking everyone. Now it will be interesting to see what will happen next? Will Saksham recall his past and accept Kesari as his daughter? What will happen to Saksham and Gopika’s relationship?

In the current track it shown that the Modi’s searches for Kesari’s mother. Kesari’s mother dances with Kesari. Gopika sees it. She then tells Saksham something who goes and tells the others and they all searches for Kesari’s mother. Sharda gets happy thinking she fooled the Modi’s. She asks Gopika her payment for the performance. Gopika questions her about meeting her before. Sharda denies it. Gopika gives her the payment. Kesari pleads Sharda to be with them some more time thinking she is a joker and the latter agrees. Jigar goes to bring juice for Sharda. Sharda suggests Kesari to play hide and seek game. Kesari gets excited and agrees. Later the Modi’s searches for Kesari. Sharda tells Kesari that she is her mother making her happy but refuses to meet the Modi’s and hurries to leave the house but the Modi’s caught her by trapping her inside the net. Sharda reveals her identity and tells everyone she and Saksham spent a night together in a same room which shocks Gopika and the family members.

In the upcoming episode it will be shown that Saksham will go to make Gopika wear the nupital chain. Gopika will stop him from making her wear it. She will tell Saksham he is not sure about himself so she will wear it only after Saksham will become sure about himself. Saksham and Gopika will look at each other.

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