Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 1st March 2021 Written Update: Mahi is unaware of the fact that Arjun is cheating on her

Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 1st March 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode starts with Pappu saying now he will destroy Mahi and Jogi by using Jogi’s love. Biji says she is proud of Jogi. Rupa says I am not. I want Jogi’s happiness and I can’t see him sad. She tells him not to attend Mahi’s wedding.

Lado is seen praying to God for Mahi Jogi. She says I won’t trouble others but I want Mahi and Jogi to be together. Rupa says we should not ruin others happiness. Jogi says Mahi will marry a very good guy. But doesn’t listen to them. Rupa says they will go to temple along with Jogi. Jogi says in my absence Mahi will get married to Arjun. Here Pappu says I have masterstroke. He looks at Jogi Mahi’s pictures and starts dancing happily. He says how could he fail to understand that Jogi loves Mahi. He hears Rupa’s voice and learns that they are going to temple. Pappu says Jogi will have to attend the wedding.

Mahi’s family arrange everything. Mahi feels sad. She says after three days all arrangements will be finished. Mahi’s father shows the wedding card to Mahi. Seema gets excited and says I will give the first card to matarani only. Mahi’s grandpa does it. Mahi notices booking has come for mig 21. She was about to leave but Seema takes the car keys from her and says there are many rituals to be performed. She can’t go anywhere.

Mahi’s family decide to perform all the rituals with Mahi. Mahi’s father gets emotional and Seema says I didn’t cry as I gave birth to third girl child. I cried only to show fake sadness to the society women. But I gave you lot of kisses while I was alone with you in room. Shalu feels jealous of Mahi. They put haldi on Mahi. Seema tells Mahi’s father that we have to stop Mahi from doing her job. We have to take the keys from her.Mahi gets upset hearing it. She says why after marriage girls have to face trouble if they want to do job. She thinks about Jogi and calls him.

Jogi sees Mahi’s pictures. He answers Mahi’s call. Mahi says angrily where are you. You tell me that you are my friend. Then why have you left me in the middle. I want to meet you right now. Jogi gets ready and tries to go but Rupa says today she is allowing him but not again. He has to forget Mahi anyhow. Jogi hugs her.

Mahi opens the door and Jogi enters. She takes him to her room. She says I can’t talk to you outside as my family will wake up. I could only share this with a true friend. She tells about her problem to Jogi. Jogi says is she stupid? Why she didn’t clear this thing beforehand? Why didnt she talk to Arjun regarding mig 21? Though she is smart but this time she failed to do it. She forgot her passion and forgot that the money she gets from mig 21 have been used for Akash’s coaching and her father’s business. What will happen if she stops riding taxi. Mahi says you are right. I should have told this to Arjun. She calls him.

Arjun pics up her call. Mahi asks after marriage will he allow her to drive taxi? Arjun says no you won’t drive taxi. But I will open a cab business for you. That will be your own business and people will work under you. Mahi gets happy and says she is feeling relaxed and she thanks Arjun for everything. She says I am lucky to have you. You are the best. Arjun is seen with another girl while he is talking to Mahi. That girl back hugs Arjun and they smile at each other. Jogi gets sad hearing all these things.

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