Thapki Pyar Ki 1st December 2021 Written Update: Purab and Thapki get stuck in the washroom

Thapki Pyar Ki 1st December 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Purab and Thapki gets shocked seeing pendrive falling from jeans. Purab asks if she kept it in washing machine. Thapki says stop blaming me as I already told you that I kept it in drawer. Thapki places clothes for drying. Purab apologizes to Thapki and asks her to leave anger and He says they have to go for dinner in the evening. Thapki asks if this is boss order, the cloth falls on Thapki and his face. They have an eye lock than they comesout from that cloth than Purab receives call and than he tells to Thapki that they needs to go to office to sign the papers of fm agreement and he asks her to get pair of clothes so they can go to restaurant too.

Hansika messages to Purab that she is waiting for them at restaurant than she sees bottle and thinks they come as couple but Purab becomes mine after having it. Purab signs papers and he asks his employee to send papers to fm. Thapki gets him tea but Purab denies to have it saying they have to go to dinner. Thapki drinks tea than tells to Purab that she is not coming and places his dress in washroom. Purab goes behind her says I told you that I will give extra pay to over time. Thapki says I’m bahu so didn’t accept this over time work. Purab request her to agree.

Employee locks the washroom door and leaves from Purab door. Thapki tries to open the door saying she won’t come but it’s locked. Purab tries to break it but he can’t than he asks for phone. Thapki says it might be on table. Hansika calls Purab and Thapki continuosly and thinks whats happening in anger. Purab asks for her phone and she says she don’t have it than he says why can’t she manage things properly and he again reminds Pendrive one. Thapki says you might hired me to make me look low and she goes to open the window but lock of shower gets broken and she is about to fell down but Purab holds her. Water falls on them.

Thapki thanks Purab for his help and asks h to put her down. Purab puts her down than he ties her duppatta to stop water than he scolds her for not getting her clothes than he asks her to wear his clothes saying she is sensitive. Thapki about to say she is not sensitive but she sneezes than Purab sends her to change her clothes. Thapki asks him yo close his eyes.

Hansika returns to home and asks servant to get food but he tells her that they didn’t prepared as they went for dinner. Hansika gets irritated. Priyanka and Sapna teases her and she leaves to her room. Sapna says Thapki get another point. Purab asks Thapki to come out. Thapki comes out wearing hid dress which is oversized for her. Purab smiles seeing her. Thapki searches something than he asks her not search anything and he takes pin from her to made short circuit than employees open the door.

Thapki and Purab returns to home. Priyanka and Sapna says what might happened. Hansika saw them in anger. Thapki about to fell down but Purab holds her and both lost in eachother. Priyanka says seems like chota Thapki or Purab coming. Hansika angrily goes to Purab and Thapki and questions why they made her wait so much time. Purab tells her they got strucked in meeting room. Priyanka asks how Thapki is in his dress. Purab says he don’t like to discuss office matters in home. Hansika questions why they didn’t call back her. Thapki says they kept phones on silent due to meeting. Purab says sorry Hansika, we can go to dinner later. Thapki leaves thinking he can apologize to friend but can’t Apologize properly to wife. At night Thapki notices Purab is suffering with fever.

Episode ends.

Precap – Dadi asks Purab and Thapki to keep vrat to perform Kuldevi pooja. During pooja Purab applies sindoor to Thapki.

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