Thapki Pyar Ki 2 3rd February 2022 Written Update: Sargam life is at risk because of Hansika’s plan

Thapki Pyar Ki 2 3rd February 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Hansika thinking Purab will notice the flex while taking Thapki upstairs but Sargam changes the board on time. Hansika feels disappointed. Preeti asks Sagar why he is ignoring her. Sagar tells it’s tough to give her attention in front of his family. Priyanka comes there with torchlight and notices Sagar is talking with some girl and she goes near and notices they are missing. Once she left they comes out. Preeti thinks something is fishy and thinks to find the reason behind Sagar’s change. Hansika thinks she has to stop Thapki before she reveals the truth to Purab.

Purab makes Thapki sleep on the bed then the current comes back. Purab asks her to wake up saying he knows that she is acting. Thapki opens her eyes. Purab asks if she is feeling guilty. Thapki asks him to listen to the truth. Purab asks her to tell. Family members come there. Veena tells she will call the doctor. But Thapki stops her saying she is fine and falls unconscious as she didn’t have food because of pooja. Hansika asks him to finish the rituals and she tells him she will get food to Thapki.

Preeti insists Sagar tell the truth. Sagar tells his Mom found about them. Preeti tells it’s good that everyone can know about us. Sagar sees Priyanka and tells he doesn’t want their affair to be out. Priyanka collides with Preeti and asks if she saw Sagar. Preeti leaves asking her to search for her husband by herself. Thapki confronts Hansika, about why she did flex drama. Hansika says you’re doing drama with pregnancy. Thapki tells she can’t win as her intentions are not good. Hansika tells one chance is enough for her to expose her and she leaves. Thapki thinks to reveal the truth to Purab before Hansika did something and she goes to Sargam’s room and notices she is burning the poster. Sargam tells someone find out she is pregnant. Thapki tells her she will save her with Purab’s help and tells her she will explain to her who’s behind it after revealing the truth to Purab and she asks Sargam to stay in the room.

Veena and family members discuss glad rituals are finished without any problem. Hansika asks him to play the baby game with Thapki like changing diapers etc. Thapki sees screws in the box and thinks which screws are these? Hansika smiles. Dadi toes Purab and Thapki’s hands and asks him to play the game with one hand. Hansika thinks she stopped Thapki from revealing the truth by placing screws box and she goes to implement her next plan. Vinod asks Thapki to help Purab in game.

Sargam thinks who’s that person. Hansika calls Sargam and tells her that Thapki called her near balcony to talk something with her. Thapki alerts everyone saying chandelier may fall down. Hansika tells it’s swinging because of wind and she calls everyone to have food and tells Thapki that she will send food to her room. Hansika shows Thapki that Sargam is calling her from balcony and she tells Thapki that screws are belongs to balcony iron rod. Sargam hanging on a rod from the first floor. Everyone feels worried for her.

Thapki runs to save Sargam but she falls from the first floor. Hansika acts as she saved her from getting hit by iron pannel. Everyone surrounds unconcious Sargam and Thapki asks Purab to call an ambulance saying Sargam is carrying a baby which shocks everyone.

Episode ends.

Precap – Thapki reveals Sargam is carrying Rohit baby. Veena is about to slap her but Purab asks her to slap him for supporting Thapki in her fake pregnancy.

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