The thought behind this is to aim and make the movement more gender-inclusive and gain more acceptance: Vikas Gutgutia

FNP media is known for generating original content and promoting new talent. The founder of the platform Vikas Gutgutia is a visionary who believes in creating good content which also has a strong message for society. FNP’s June month theme is thriller. As we all know, June is celebrated all over the world as Pride month. FNP media has also produced a short film on that line. To commemorate Pride Month this year, FNP Media is offering Almariah which stars Rajesh Sharma and Supriya Shukla in pivotal roles.

Vikas Gutgutia says, ”It’s a tribute that will draw attention to the issues that members of the community still face. The exploration of one’s identity is central to the coming-of-age experience, whether it be religious, sexual, political, or personal. There is ambiguity in this exploration and queer cinema celebrates this ambiguity. Cinema, in its reflection of people, helps to unpack some of the complexities faced by many. With the coming of the digital platform, there is a lot more space that’s opened up for LGBTQIA+ directors/producers to share their stories.”