Thirumathi Hitler 17th July 2021 Written Update: AJ supports Hasini

Thirumathi Hitler17th July 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Hasini disguises like man. She thinks that she is suiting in all get up. She is a borned actress. He too married her black mailed in this way. She gonna attack him following his route. She will find it out today whether he killed Prevali or not? If he brings money today he is the murderer. Hasini calls AJ name after changing her voice. She starts searches for him everywhere. Another side AJ waiting for that person. Hasini notices AJ is standing there with brief case. She doubts Is he the murderer? She wishes to conform whether he is the murderer. She calls to him and questions him Is he bring the money?

AJ tells her that he needs the evidence if he give handover the evidence he is ready to give extra amount too. She thinks that she lived with a murderer. She wishes to confront him. AJ glares the person and gives a whistle sound. Police surrounds her. Hasini gets the shock of her life. She runs from there police starts chase her. Hasini thinks that she is dead if AJ caught her. Hasini changes her disguise and taking heavy breath. She thinks that they can’t able to caught her because they are chasing man

Hasini notices that she is still wearing the same shoe and throws it away along with pant. Police takes it and guesses he is inside. Constable tells to inspector he is doubting that person is a terrorist that’s why he is black mailing Business man. Hasini says throws stone to them for mentioning her like that. They thinks he is throwing bomb. They starts shoot her. Hasini asks them to don’t shoot her. He thinks that he is talking in lady voice. She comes out and says to them she didn’t done anything. Police find out she disguised like man and cheated them. Police arrested her and take her to police station then after she plead with him. Police ask her to get down from jeep but she didn’t do it instead plead with him to leave her. She says to him that she fears they will kill her if they know it. Hasini keeps pleading with him but he takes her inside.

Inspector questions her why did she black mailed him? He gonna call AJ here. She says to him she has no intention to black mail him she knew her well. He questions her Is she his servant? She deny it and mentions as wife. Inspector questions her Is she black mailing her husband for money? Lady inspector comes there and supports Hasini and argues with him. Constable says that both husband and wife are working in same police station and arguing often. Because of them that lost their peace.

Inspector says to Hasini that he wanna learn about his wife criminal mind. Hasini pleads with him to leave her reasoning she doubted him that’s why she done like this. He warns her that he gonna call AJ here if he gives good certificate to her he will leave her or else she will be behind the bars. Inspector calls to AJ and informs about it. AJ rushes to there to see the culprit. Inspector asks Hasini to hide.

Inspector questions AJ what if his wife threatens him in this way. AJ deny it reasoning she has no criminal background. She will never dare to go against him like this. Inspector says to him may she done it for money. He tells him she will choose food over money..she has enough money in home but she never cared about it all yet. Inspector says to him that he is treating his wife a lot. He coughed the culprit by saying he shows mentally challenged person to him. AJ says to him he looked different on that time. Inspector lies to him he disguised like that. AJ withdraw his case. Inspector advises Hasini to don’t suspect him again.

Episode end.