Thirumathi Hitler 5th July 2021 Written Update: Vickram threatens Hasini

Thirumathi Hitler 5th July 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Hasini and AJ are doing the pooja together in temple. Priest asks them to exchange their garland. Hasini intentionally didn’t make him wear it properly he do the same to her. Jaya glares them for playing like kids. Priest asks them to throw vermilion on Ganesh. Hasini questions AJ Is he remember how did he dashed her in this temple while breaking the coconut. Priest asks her to stop talking and do the pooja. Hasini is throwing vermilion on AJ intentionally. Priest asks them to stop playing like kid. Hasini is teasing him. Priest complaints that he forget the mantra in their fight.

Jaya asks them to do the pooja properly instead of fighting with each other. Priest asks them to place vermilion on their forehead. Jaya stops them and says that AJ wanna place it on Hasini forehead and she wanna do the same to AJ. AJ makes faces and places the vermilion. Hasini thinks that he has ego to fill her forehead with vermilion. She places more vermilion on AJ forehead. Jaya pretends like scolding her and helps AJ to correct it. Jaya says to them that one more prayer is remaining. She leaves to complete it.

Hasini says to AJ that she is feeling hungry by saying she lays on his lap to sleep. He pushes her down. Hasini complaints that its not his restaurant to stop her from sleeping here. She teases him. He teases her back as brainless idiot. Hasini notices one lady giving laddo to all. She pretends like praying to god to give one laddo to her. That lady gives it to her making AJ surprised. She asks her to give it to him also. Hasini asks him to eat it. Both are looking each other in teasing way. Hasini snatches the laddo from him and eats it. Jaya prays to god that she gonna tie this cradle to see her son living happily with Hasini and gives birth to baby.

She will be happy if she give birth to twins also. She ties coin on tree and prays him to unite Hasini and AJ soon. Hasini again starts to say she is hungry. AJ mentions her as foodie. AJ teases her that she is a direct friend of god so she can ask him. Hasini makes faces and notices the coconut in it. Coconut falls down from her hand she leaves to take it but slips down. AJ holds her on time both are sharing eyelock. Garland falls on them.

AJ questions her why don’t she learn to walk yet? She complaints that she is always steady but slipping down in front of him. AJ complaints that she was sitting beside him while coming here why didn’t she fall in front of lorry. Both starts their arguments there and exchanging garland with each other while complaing each other. One lady comes there to ask help to them. She informs to them that her husband was sick. Priest asks her to wash married couples feet if she do it then she can able to save her husband. She tells them that she noticed the garland fell on them it means they had god’s blessings. AJ deny it by saying he don’t like it all. Hasini lashes out at him and explains to him that lady situation to him.

AJ kind a understand the situation and apologies to that lady and agrees to do the pooja. That lady do the pooja to them. Priest praised them and compares them with lord Shiva and Parvathy. Hasini is taking Selfie there one person tells her he will help her to take photo there. He steals the phone from her Hasini chases him behind. Hasini notices that person give the phone to Vickram. Vickram questions her why didn’t she take the evidence yet? Jaya notices Hasini is talking with someone seriously. They are walking near them. Vickram threatens Hasini to take the evidence soon orelse he will show hell to her. AJ comes there.

Episode end.