Thoda Sa Badal Thoda Sa Paani Weekly Update: Anurag realizes his feelings for Kajol and decides to tell her.

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Colors TV show Thoda Sa Badal Thoda Sa Paani is on a interesting track right now and viewers have a lot of expectations from the show. Anurag is in love with Kajol and tries his best to keep her happy. Anurag is able to bring Kajol to his NGO’s durga Puja but what drama will unfold when her family finds out about it. Naina is on a mission to expose Kajol and make everyone in the house to hate her. Ayan finally catches Shreya red handed and Arjun puts the entire blame on her. How will Shreya take her revenge now? Will Kajol realize Anurag’s feelings for her?

Naina prayed to Maa Durga to expose Kajol in front of everyone and she tells she will bring mother and entire family tomorrow. Priyanka gave prasad to Naina and told her Anurag is very good at heart and he doesn’t want any trouble in his Puja. Naina told she has seen Anurag’s such reaction before also. Priyanka introduced herself as Anurag’s fiance. Shreya told Arjun she is not Kajol that she will listen to everything silently and threatens Arjun that he is flying a lot nowadays and she will bring him to ground. Arjun told he doesn’t know what happened to Ayan and why he behaved like this. Arjun’s mother told him to improve and settle by marrying Naina.

Shreya told Naina about her relationship with Arjun. Naina told Shreya she always doubted them and she knows to remove thorns from her way. Shreya told Arjun’s entire business is dependent on her father so even if anyone wants they cannot remove her. Shreya told it was her duty to advice her but now she can make the decision. Putul took Kajol to market as told to her by Priyanka and meets and accident while running. Priyanka told her feelings to Anurag but he had already left without listening to her.

Rajesh came home and gives Thakur maa account papers of the company. Naina takes it from Rajesh saying she will give it to Kajol. Naina notices Kajol making a transaction of 10 lacs to her friend Meghna. Naina showed the bank statement to everyone and rebukes Kajol. Kajol returned home and finds everyone sitting in the hall waiting for her. Naina questioned her about the 10lacs she sent to her friend. Kajol’s friend came there and thanks Kajol for helping her during her father’s surgery. Kajol told that Meghna’s account had some problem and she had to deposit money urgently for her father’s operation.

Arjun convinced Chandana to come to NGO puja with him. Naina stopped Chandana from informing Kajol about attending the Puja. Anurag’s grandmother asked Priyanka about Kajol. Priyanka told her she is the same girl who left the Puja in middle yesterday. Anurag’s grandmother told Priyanka that she is close to Anurag so she should help in family Puja not Kajol. Priyanka made Kajol fall and the Charnamrit spills over. Anurag’s grandmother scolds Kajol and told that Priyanka will do Puja. Anurag hoped that this doesn’t create a bad image about Kajol in grandmother’s mind.

Anurag kept the saree he brought for Kajol silently and left from there. Bolti asks Anurag if Kajol will come to Puja today. Mahi Re plays in background as Kajol came to mandap dressed in the saree given to her by Anurag and he stared at her. Anurag’s aunt took Kajol to the front to do Puja. Anandita told she cannot understand what is going on in between Anurag and Kajol. Anurag’s grandmother overheard their conversation. Kajol’s aunt told Thakur Maa that Chandana and the kids went to NGO. Thakur Maa got worried that now Kajol will get into trouble because of her lie and tries calling Kajol to warn her.

Kajol’s leg bends and she is about to fall but Anurag catches her in his arms and the sindoor falls on them. Anurag though Durga Maa has given her blessings to this relationship and now he won’t leave Kajol’s side and soon confess his love to her. Chadana comes with Arjun and Naina and watches Anurag with Kajol. Kajol told Chandana that she cannot express how much happy she is that Chandana decided to come to Puja. Chandana pushed Kajol angrily.

In the next episode Kajol tells Chandana that Thakur Maa told her that you gave me permission to come here. Naina yells at Kajol and tells her to stop lying. Anurag tells Naina to shut up. Arjun defends Naina and shouts at Anurag calling Kajol characterless. Anurag slaps Arjun and they get into a fight.

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