Tujhse Hai Raabta 10th February 2021 Written Update: Sarthak insults Anupriya again

Tujhse Hai Raabta 10th February 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode starts with Shera meets Tony in Anarkali attire. Tony gets shocked seeing Shera in lady avatar. Shera gives him number and asks him to found who’s that person tied up with Avni. Tony agrees and asks how many days he gonna act like Anarkali. Shera says Kalyani must win this challenge and I must act like Anarkali to protect them from Avni. Tony hugs him saying he is missing him. Aaosaheb notice their hug and misunderstands it.

Tony says fake Gundas didn’t reached to Anupriya on time but Anupriya and Kalyani handled the real goons very well. Shera asks what if something happens to Kalyani. Tony says next time I will go with goons. Shera says Anupriya ji confidence may increased with this incident. Tony praises Anarkali look. Shera sends him showing his hand.

Kalyani teaches Anupriya how to prepare presentation in laptop. Godavari Informs to Kalyani that Avni kept Haldi Kumkum function in home. Kalyani asks for whom. Avni enters saying I want world to know im Sarthak’s wife and I will send invitation to WhatsApp so please attend the function. Anupriya gets tears. Kalyani consoles her saying let’s use this event as promotion to our sarees.

Ladies praises Avni is reason for Sarthak quick recovery. Anarkali takes her phone saying she will click pics to check her messages. Avni gives posses. Guest asks where is house ladies, won’t they attend because Anupriya is Sarthak wife. Kalyani says it’s old rule but we are here to attend function wearing our new collection sarees. Ladies likes collection and they talks with Anupriya that they need similar pattern sarees in different colours.

Anarkali tells to Avni that Anupriya is getting attention in your function. Avni feels furious and insults Anupriya saying she can’t apply Haldi Kumkum to anyone. Kalyani throws haldi Kumkum and says my Aayi don’t need husband or these Haldi Kumkum. Sarthak says don’t take Kalyani words seriously to leave your husband to start your own businesses. Kalyani says woman don’t need men support, I wish I never forced Aayi for second marriage because she is strong and woman is already full from her birth and she don’t need any Men.

Anupriya thanks and agrees with Kalyani saying she don’t need any men when she have Kalyani and she happily hugs her. Sarthak says Anupriya can’t defend without Kalyani because she is weak and can’t even handle clients and she stands silent even after my insults. Kalyani warns Sarthak to behave. He leaves.

Avni gets call and she asks her Men to keep an eye on the person they Kidnapped until she reaches to them. Anarkali dashes with cycle while escaping. Avni searches If someone is behind her but she didn’t found anyone. Shera calls Tony and assigns him some work.

Kalyani tells to Anupriya that so many people are liking your designs, prepare speech and talk with clients. Anupriya says she can’t and asks Kalyani to do it. Kalyani says you can do it and shut Sarthak and Avni mouth with your presentation. Anupriya prepares for presentation. Avni gets post saying we found your Kidnapping secret and if you don’t want it to get it leaked than give us 5lakhs at temple. Shera and Tony notices Avni reaction. Avni breaks her sim.

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