Tujhse Hai Raabta 9th February 2021 Written Update: Anarkali Shera helps Kalyani and Anupriya

Tujhse Hai Raabta 9th February 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode starts with Kalyani notices Anupriya face and asks her what happened. Anupriya in tears says don’t know but it’s burning. Avni smiles thinking how she mixed mirchi in face pack and thinks now i will see how Kalyani takes her Aayi to investors.

Investor says it’s getting late. Aaosaheb says she will get Anupriya. Investor says make it quick otherwise I will cancel this deal. Aaosaheb goes to Anupriya room and gets shocked seeing her face and tells them that investor is waiting. Anarkali smiles heavily entering the room. Kalyani asks Anarkali to leave them and scolds her to do her assigned work. Anarkali throws some liquid on Anupriya face. Everyone gets shocked and Kalyani questions what she thrown. Anupriya feels burning. Kalyani washes her face and notices redness is reducing. Anupriya says burning is gone. Anarkali leaves while singing song. Kalyani smiles. Aaosaheb says don’t know how Anarkali treated Anupriya.

Avni meets investor and asks him to leave saying Anupriya may not come, that time Anupriya enters and shows their designs to investor. Avni looks confused. Kalyani tells to Avni that I know you mixed something in Aayi face pack but don’t forget that I won’t let you or Kaka win over us. Investor gets impressed with designs and he gives them cheque as advance and asks them to prepare sarees in 5days. Anupriya agress.

Sarthak stops Investor and tells to him that designs he saw is belongs to his client and investor notices the proofs and says copy rights belongs to this person. Kalyani says these are fake documents made by Kaka. Investor says he can’t work with liers who steal work of others and leaves taking the cheque.

Anupriya locks herself in room. Kalyani says we can face it together, open the door. Aaosaheb also request her to open but Anupriya won’t open it. Moksh acts like he is having pain in throat and signs to Kalyani that he is acting, Anupriya gets worried and comes out and she asks them to take Moksh to hospital. Aaosaheb says she can’t go because she needs to get things for Saree. Anupriya says she will bring things and asks them to meet doctor for Moksh.

Kalyani sees Anupriya is going out and praises Moksh idea. Moksh says it’s Anarkali mausi idea. Anarkali comes out. Kalyani says why she feels she know her. Anarkali escapes with her talk than Moksh says Anarkali mausi have another plan to increase Anupriya confidence. Anarkali says I send goons behind your Aayi to snatch saree things but she will fight with them for sure because she don’t want to spoil your work. Kalyani gets worried and they goes to check if Anupriya is fine or not. Aaosaheb asks who will keep eye on Sarthak and Avni. Anarkali says she will.

Kalyani and Moksh, Aaosaheb notices Anupriya fighting with goons. Moksh says these goons are not Tony men. Kalyani goes to help her but Anupriya bravely fights with goons. Kalyani and Aaosaheb feels happy.

Anarkali Shera takes Avni phone and searches for info than he notices messages to Avni from her men saying, Mam we kept him tied like you said but we can’t do it for long time. Avni goes to her room and searches for her mobile. Shera hides under bed with mobile. Shera thinks who’s that person Kidnapped by Avni. Avni goes to kitchen to check her mobile in that time Shera leaves. Avni comes back to room and notices his Men message and calls his men and asks them to not leak this matter to anyone.

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