Tujhse Hai Raabta 13th January 2021 Written Update: Aaosaheb gets shocked with Shera answers

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Episode starts with Shera tells ladies about their love story. Kalyani says she too loves her Malhar ji. Shera looks on and Dances with ladies. Kalyani goes back and searches for Vittal idol. Some men calls his Men and asks how Kalyani reached to our place, kill her because she can’t leave from here. Kalyani thinks how to search the whole place and notices bonfire arrangements. Two men caughts Kalyani and keeps her in bonfire tying her Mounty and hands and leaves after burning the bonfire.

Shera searches for Kalyani and about to leave from the bonfire but Kalyani throws one wood with her legs, Shera feels suspicious and opens the bonfire and saves Kalyani, and removes her ties. Everyone gathers about them and asks how it happens. Kalyani asks locals about the other two bonfires. They say they are arranged previously. Kalyani opens it and notices Vitthal murtis inside Bonfire and they get all idols.

Avni tells to Sarthak that she is innocent and Kalyani is trying to frame her. Sarthak sats he trust her and tells that he will expose the imposter. Godavari asks Kalyani to take rest and says Malhar went to get medicines. Shera brings many medicines because medical person is busy. Godavari says you care for Kalyani do much and she goes asking Shera to take care of Kalyani. Aaosaheb comes to their room and tells them today is Makar Sankranthi and asks if they remembers their past year moments.

Shera says he remembers everything. Aaosaheb asks him to tell what happened last year. Shera says he remembers how he and Kalyani cut her and Rao kite and last Sankranthi we invited whole colony for competition. Aaosaheb looks shocked thinking how he knows everything. Shera says this year too they celebrate in same way and he goes out.

Kalyani goes to kitchen where Shera prepares Laddos and asks how he knows their past celebration. Shera says he get it from Godavari and asks her to taste laddoo. Kalyani remembers Malhar and throws Laddoo and warns Shera to never try to become like her Malhar ji and leaves. Moksh tastes laddoo and says it’s good.

Shera says it’s tough to make your mom happy but I know how to do it, I’m going to expose Avni with your help and you have to tell her what happened at the hospital then Kalyani will be happy. Avni listens to their convo and takes Moksh to her room and asks him to never reveal what happened in the hospital otherwise I will kill you and Kalyani. Moksh says ok. Avni thinks to snatch the recording from Shera.

Kalyani calls Pawar and gets to know still they didn’t get any other idols, she thinks why these people need Vitthal idols even after having so many idols. The Godavari asks Kalyani to come outside to celebrate Sankranthi. Outside Shera says this year it’s Laddos completion. Kalyani says this year it’s ladies Vs gents team, she asks if Sarthak and Avni participate in the competition. They agrees to participate. Shera asks Kalyani why she changed the rules. Kalyani says I had beautiful memories with Malhar and I don’t want you to be part of our memories.

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