Tujhse Hai Raabta 15th February 2021 Written Update: Kalyani and Shera goes Goa to found Malhar

Tujhse Hai Raabta 15th February 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode starts with Anarkali says Anupriya is right. Avni comes out and removes wig from Anarkali head. Everyone gets shocked. Sarthak and Kalyani says Shera. Moksh says don’t get angry with Shera because he came for me. Kalyani says so you know that Anarkali is Shera. Avni says Sarthak ji it’s Kalyani plan to make everyone Bewakoof and seems like these two are enjoying.

Anupriya slaps Avni and warns saying I bore when you insulted me and snatched my Pati but I can’t bear it you point Kalyani and Kalyani just loves Malhar. Aaosaheb says I will expose you Avni. Sarthak says what truth. Avni says these are creating stories and thinks hope these people didn’t get to know about Tomy.

Shera calls Tomy out and It’s revealed Tomy meets Shera when they are bringing sarees in cart. Shera reveals to Kalyani everything. Kalyani questions if he is betraying them and tries to slap him. Anupriya stops her saying he came for us, didn’t betrayed. Shera says Avni Kidnapped someone and we tried to know who’s it. Tomy says Avni Kidnapped Malhar ji, I heard her brothers discussion that Malhar is with them. Kalyani feels happy thinking very soon she can meet him. Sarthak gets shocked.

Avni says Malhar is dead and he didn’t Kidnap him. Kalyani warns her saying Malhar is alive and asks Pawar to arrest Avni. Avni says they can’t send her to jail. Kalyani says we can send you jail for Kidnapping Tomy. Avni begs Sarthak to save her but Sarthak won’t respond. The police take her. Sarthak says he needs proof to believe Malhar is alive. Kalyani says they can get it very soon. Moksh happily hugs Kalyani.

Shera takes Kalyani and Sarthak to location of Avni brothers. Kalyani excitedly opens the door but tied person is not Malhar. Shera makes that person drink the water and asks why Avni Kidnapped him. He says I’m working with Malhar sir agency and I came to inform family that Malhar is alive but Avni Kidnapped me. Kalyani thinks where is Malhar.

Kalyani and Shera that person to home. While having dinner that person says Malhar went to Goa for another undercover operation and if you want his info I can get it from agency and he goes out to call. Somewhere Malhar is shown with gang. Kalyani says why this person is taking long time. Shera searches every where and tells he is missing. Sarthak says we need to inform police. Kalyani says she will search Malhar in Goa. Family members says it’s tough but Kalyani won’t listen. Shera says Kalyani ji I will accompany you.

Raka hugs Malhar saying this country don’t forget tomorrow. Malhar thinks our justice will punish you. Moksh hugs Shera and asks him to get his father. Shera says I will bring him and promise that you won’t forget me even if your dad comes back. Moksh says you’re my friend and can never forget you.

Shera happily hugs Moksh and asks him to never get scared in life. Anupriya says I will come with you Kalyani but Kalyani denies saying Aaosaheb needs her. Kalyani and Shera reach to Goa and asks the Contestable about Malhar showing the photo. Contestable sees Shera. Kalyani says this is Shera, not my husband. Malhar diffuses the bomb and he asks his team to reach them in 30m to diffuse Human bombs.

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