Tujhse Hai Raabta 15th June 2021 Written Update: A Man tries to kidnap Kalyani

Tujhse Hai Raabta 15th June 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode begins with Anupriya looking around and thinking where is the friend. A man comes to her. Anupriya tells him that she needs a friend for her mother. The man asks her where she lives. She gives him the address of her house. The man thinks that his work is going to be easy and giving her a rose he asks her to gift her mother. Anupriya leaves from there happily. The msn gives a evil look.

Kalyani calls Malhar and tells hin that Anupriya is missing when Anupriya comes there. Kalyani cuts the call.. She asks Anupriya as to where did she go. Anupriya tells her that she went to search for a friend for her as she was sad. Anupriya is excited about the friend she found for kalyani but Kalyani is angry on her for going out without informing her. Kalyani shouts at her because of which Anupriya starts crying and runs away from there. Kalyani assures gungun that she will console her and goes after her.

Anupriya is sitting in hall on the sofa. Kalyani comes to her and tries to talk to her but Anupriya refuses to talk. Kalyani does sit ups. Anupriya stops her. Kalyani tries to tell her what would have happened if someone bad caught her. Kalyani also tells her the possibilities of her losing her way. Anupriya tells her that she remembers the way to the house. Anupriya tells her that she finally found her a friend and also gives her the rose he has given her. Kalyani takes the flower in her hand and smells it. She gets unconcious after smelling the flower. The man who gave her the flower comes there and asks Anupriya to bring Kalyani’s place.

Anupriya leaves from there. The man dresses Kalyani in joker dress and makes her wear a mask. Malhar comes there and the man tell him that they are here to perform but his partner got unconconcious. Malhar giving him the money asks him to leave as he thought the children would have called him. Anupriya comes there and sees him leaving but when Malhar asks her about Kalyani she lies that she doesn’t know. Malhar goes inside to search. Gungun and moksh comes to Anupriya and seeing her tensed they ask her the reason who tells them what happened.

Moksh and Gungun succeed in stopping the kidnapper. Malhar caught his hand before he could hit Anupriya and starts beating him. Sarthak also comes there, even Kalyani gets concious. Anupriya confesses that shr called him because of which Sarthak loses it and is about to slap her but Malhar stops him. Sarthak loses his calm and shouts at Anupriya who laughs at him seeing him cry. Sarthak leaves from there in anger.

Kalyani is sleeping on bed but feeling a greeting card, she wakes up and reads the card which says Sorry. She sees Anupriya and asks her about it. The Screen Freezes On Kalyani and Anupriya.

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