Tujhse Hai Raabta 16th February 2021 Written Update: Kalyani and Malhar reaches to home

Tujhse Hai Raabta 16th February 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode starts with Malhar tells to Terrorist that he is checking bombs, we are ready for mission. Secret agents tells to Kalyani that Malhar caught Terrorist leader and mission is successful. Kalyani happily tells to Shera that her Malhar is alive and she asks officer to take her to Malhar. Secret agent asks them to come with him. Kalyani asks Shera to come but Shera denies saying I make you met your Malhar and I fulfilled my promise and he returns her Mangalsutra and asks her to wear it.

Kalyani asks how you’re so good, I insulted you many times but you just helped me. Shera says you’re correct in your place and it’s time for me to leave and you can contact me whenever you need help and I can never forget you and Moksh. Kalyani thanks him and wear her mangalsutra and asks him to take care. Shera asks you won’t forget me right. Kalyani says never and goes with officer. Shera wipes his tears and acts like he is happy.

Kalyani reaches to location and witnesses that agents bringing terrorists out from building. Kalyani asks Police and secret agents about Malhar. The secret agent tells that Malhar Rane only called them and told us about terrorists’ location but he is not here. Kalyani says I will not go without my husband, for whom I have come here. Terrorist sats her husband will die. Kalyani questions where is her Malhar. Just then the bomb blasts. Terrorist says I have killed your husband. Police takes terrorists with them. Kalyani cries badly and shouts Malhar ji.

Malhar comes out from otherside and saying Kalyani. Kalyani feels happy seeing him and both hugs eachother in tears. Kalyani tells how Moksh lost voice without him and how much they missed him. Malhar sats I missed you too.

Kalyani asks how he escaped from bomb blast. Malhar tells her how his dost saved him. Kalyani says that guy left from home to save to you and because of him I got you Malhar Ji. Malhar wishes to thank him. Kalyani says we can meet him again if God wants to, let’s go to home because our Moksh is waiting for us.

Malhar reaches to home with Kalyani and reminsces his moments with Moksh. Moksh runs to Malhar and happily hugs him. Kalyani feels emotional. Malhar happily kisses his face. Moksh questions why you left me, can I break up with you.

Malhar sats how much he missed him and promises him that he will never leave him again. Anupriya brings welcoming Taali. Malhar thanks Anupriya for her help and asks her to forgive him. Anupriya says I’m proud of you because you did it for nation and she welcomes with Aarti.

Anupriya says I did mistake too that I lost hope that you’re alive but Kalyani never list her hope and believed that you’re alive with this litting lamp. Aaosaheb gives the Diya to Kalyani. Malhar asks about Sarthak. Aaosaheb says Sarthak is in room and don’t want to come out. Malhar says he will talk with him. Kalyani prays god to clear the differences between Anupriya and Sarthak.

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