Tujhse Hai Raabta 17th August 2020 Written Update: Kalyani breaksdown after knowing Malhar us married to Avni

Tujhse Hai Raabta 17th August 2020 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Kalyani prays to Ganapati for Anupriya’s well being. She hears someone coming towards workshop than she runs and calls Aai. The woman says she is not that much elder and informs her that she came to buy Ganapati idol. Kalyani says you shouldn’t have travel in this condition and did you kept the fast. That lady nods.

 Kalyani makes her sit and asks her to have chocolate for her baby. Lady says today is her first fast for her husband and she can’t have chocolate. Kalyani makes her eat chocolate and saying it’s Kalyani guarantee that Ganapati won’t get angry because becoming mom itself is precious blessing. Other lady introduces herself as Avni. Kalyan down on the floor and makes Ganapati Bappa’s idol while reminscing how she used to make idol with Malhar help.

Avni praises Kalyani skills and thanks her than She asks Kalyani to visit her house for Bappa darshan. Kalyani agrees. Kalyani asks her to make Modak. Avni asks her to give her phone number so she can message the adress so she won’t get confused. Kalyani says she returned to the city after a long time, but familiar with the city.

Avni arranges idol and everything and she asks her husband to see the beautiful idol some lady made for her.  Malhar gets shocked after seeing the idol and asks who was that girl? Just then Kalyani reaches. Avni thanks Kalyani and introduces Malhar as her husband. Both gets shocked and emotional seeing eachother.

 Avni asks Kalyani to tell her husband if she needs help of police and says she made Modak too. Kalyani and Malhar looks at each other. Avni asks why you both are looking at each other as if you know each other from before. Malhar says no, I didn’t see her before. Avni says I was joking and tells that they shall do the aarti. Kalyani looks at Malhar and turns her face. Avni does aarti and gives to Kalyani. Kalyani does aarti than gives it to Malhar.

Aao Saheb performs aarti in her house than others do it, Swara calls Anupriya and asks her to do aarti. Anupriya walks towards the aarti, but Vivek takes Aarti plate from Swara hand.

Avni asks Kalyani to have modak and tells Malhar that Kalyani went out of Aurangabad to study something. She asks about her education. Kalyani says IAS. Avni asks who inspired her. Kalyani thinks of Malhar and Malhar and Avni photo near table.

Durga Prasad comes to Kalyani and barks. Kalyani is about to call him Durga Prasad but stops and asks Avni if they have the dog. Avni says the dog is like their child but why he is nearing like he knows you. Kalyani says she will go home. Avni asks Malhar to drop Kalyani home. Kalyani goes out and cries emotionally. Malhar comes there and she wipes her tears.. Their souls talk begin. Malhar asks why you didn’t come to tell me that you are alive. Kalyani asks if you had known that I am alive then wouldn’t you have got marrie? you seems very happy with the marriage. Malhar says yes, I am very happy. Their souls go back to their bodies. Kalyani asks Malhar not to come behind her and says let it go.

At house Malhar writes on kite saying Aai misses you Moksh. Chittni nahi. Avni asks him to have modak and notices kites and says seems you are missing Moksh, if I can than I would have snatched Moksh from the God. He says you have check up next time. She says I forget it but I trust you that you remember it and she asks him to have food saying she is tired.

Kalyani cries thinking Malhar ji moved on so fast and didn’t think of Pillu and me, where are you Aayi? Did you saw what happened. Kalyani thinks if he had any feelings for her then he wouldn’t have shot her and cries saying Aayi I need you and want to hug you and cries saying she can’t see Malhar ji with anyone else.