Tujhse Hai Raabta 25th July 2019 Written Update :- Kalyani starts to acting like Atharva

The episode begins with Kalyani enters her room at night and gets shocked to see Atharva is sleeping beside Malhar hugging him like a kid. She feels annoyed and calls for Malhar. He wakes up and surprised to find Atharva next to him. He gets up and asks him how and when did he come in his room? Atharva addresses Malhar as father and says he wants to sleep with his mum and dad that is Malhar and Kalyani.

Malhar asks Atharva not to address him as father and tells if you want to call Kalyani as your mother but spare me. Kalyani shouts at Malhar and says how can you be ok with Atharva advertising me as his mother? Malhar says I don’t want to be addressed does father of him, Kalyani says I am not interested either. Atharva keeps on doing a constant chant of sleeping with Kalyani and Malhar in their room.

Kalyani finds out an idea and told Malhar to do as she says. She addresses Atharva as her son and tricks him to bring him out of the room. They bring him in the hall and ask him to wait for them to come back with his night suit. Kalyani and Malhar then try to enter their room from Varanda but other word reaches there. To hide from Atharva, Malhar, and Kalyani hides inside a gallon. Atharvaa couldn’t find them and kicks the same gallon.

Later, Malhar and Kalyani comes out of the gallon and sees each other romantically. Pehla Nasha song please in the background while Kalyani imagines some moments with Malhar. Malhar waves his hand in front of Kalyani and brings her back to sense. Malhar shares his concern about Atharva is pretending while Kalyani asks him to not worry as she has a plan in her kitty. They went inside their room to sleep for the night.

In the morning, some people gather at Mugdha’s place and threatened her to make Malhar busy for the day while they will install an RDX in his house or else they will kill her and her company employees. Mugda questions them why they want to kill so many innocent people? Someone from the gang answers they are not here to kill anybody but they are preparing for 15th August attack. Mugdha again interrogates what you people are up to for 15th August? but another person from the gang asks her to shut up and do as they say.

Here in Deshmukh house, Malhar is trying to hypnotize Atharva with the help of Kalyani. Kalyani says she is capable of doing it while Malhar told her that this is not an easy process and have some consequences. Malhar then tries his hand on Atharva by using that locket and ask Atharva to concentrate on it. Unknown to him instead of Atharva Kalyani gets hypnotized and does the thing as per Malhar’s command.

Malhar reads in the book that to bring someone back from hypnotism one needs to slap the other. He hesitates while Anupriya enters to call Kalyani to get ready for the pooja in house. She asks Kalyani to get ready soon while Malhar takes Atharva from there.

Later, Kalyani appears in front of the housemates as Atharva and starts to behave like him. All gets shocked to see her in such attire and Malhar thinks it was stupid of him to listen to Kalyani’s idea. Kalyani addresses Anupriya and asks her to make a cup of tea for her. She then goes to Sampada and tries to be romantic with her just like Atharva used to do. Sampada gets shocked by her behavior while Malhar does a facepalm.

Precap: Malhar treats Kalyani as she is Atharva for real and asks her to sit in puja in Kalyani’s attire while he takes a disguise of a woman and sits beside her.