Tujhse Hai Raabta 4th February 2021 Written Update: Shera confesses his love to Kalyani

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Episode starts with Kalyani says it’s fight of every woman. Anupriya says I’m accepting my defeat, Sarthak is correct he deserves better because I can’t talk Infront of others and she cries badly. Kalyani says I can’t change your decision but tell me how to live without Moksh because your Defeat is my Defeat and until now my Aayi never teached me to lose but now you have to teach me how to lose because I have to get separated from my kid, every time woman have to accept the defeat right, Kalyani goes out in tears. Aaosaheb notices Kalyani wiping her tears.

Moksh asks Sarthak why he is locking kitchen. Sarthak says you’re asking questions like Kalyani, write them in one paper, I will answer them after this week until than its closed, if you want me to open the door asks Kalyani and Anupriya to accept their defeat. Moksh asks Sarthak to keep apple also and tells him that he is supporter of her Aayi and Anupriya and leaves. Sarthak says after 7days you gonna stay with me Moksh.

Avni throws Torned clothes at Anupriya and mocks her. Sarthak asks Avni to don’t waste her time and asks her to get ready so she can attend party with him. Avni goes to get her sandals. Anupriya about to leave than Sarthak asks her to clean the waste. Avni comes out saying she is ready but she fell down and hurts her leg because of her heel. Shera and Moksh smiles. Sarthak asks her to take rest and leaves for party. Shera and Moksh teases Avni. Anupriya leaves in tears. Avni says you broke my heel, I won’t leave you.

Next Kalyani begs and shouts Anupriya to comeout from locked room. Shera asks her to relax. Kalyani says I will lose my Moksh if Aayi accepts the defeat, I can’t live without him. Shera says relax and tells her that he have amazing plan. Anupriya cries reminscing Sarthak insults.

Aaosaheb says I have to start Nal emporium, money is ended with me, I can’t have this beek Ka kaana, supplier asks me to contact him through computer so help me. Kalyani says Doctor advised me to take care of Moksh all the time so please ask Aayi help. Aaosaheb says do you feel Anupriya will help me, when to make her agree this supplier will contact me in 5minutes. Anupriya hears everything from room. Shera tells Kalyani that he will keep an eye on Avni.

Aaosaheb attends call through computer and asks supplier to won’t punish them for Vivek mistake and apologies to him. Caller won’t listen than Anupriya attends call and questions him how can he talk with owner in this way for one small mistake, let’s cancel the deal if you’re not interested we will search another supplier but according to contract you have to send maal for one month if you can’t do it than I will file case in court. Supplier agrees. Anupriya apologies to Aaosaheb, Aaosaheb tells her that she did correct. Kalyani feels happy.

On the way Avni on call tells it’s last chance to snatch Moksh from Kalyani and I got to know Anupriya is going to NAL emporium so kill her on the way. Driver is Shera and listens everything and drops Avni at home. Anupriya comes out. Shera says Glad you’re here, Avni is planning to harm you at godown. Anupriya tells Kalyani went to Godown. Shera goes to Godown.

Shera notices Kalyani is Godown and she didnt breath than Shera in tears confesses that he loves her and can’t live with out her. Kalyani opens her eyes. Shera says he said it in tension. Sarthak comes out saying Pyaar Kiya tho Darna kya, you realises Shera loves you so answer him Kalyani. Shera asks what’s happening, I came here listening Avni words. Sarthak says it’s our plan , Kalyani told me their is nothing between her and you but I told her that you love her and now I proved to her. Sarthak asks Kalyani to answer what kind of relationship they are having. Shera warns Sarthak to control his tongue. Kalyani slaps him for betraying her trust, I thought you’re my friend but you betrayed me.

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