Tujhse Hai Raabta 8th February 2021 Written Update: Anarkali helps Kalyani and Anupriya

Tujhse Hai Raabta 8th February 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Today’s episode starts with pillu asking guy why he lied to the family. Man tell to Pillu that because Kalyani won’t let him stay with him then. Pillu insists Anarkali to come in his original look. Pillu about to take out his wig, Kalyani enters the room. Pillu signal and Anarkali don’t remove her wig. Kalyani asks Pillu want happened. Pillu distract Kalyani and asks her to go as he wants to play with Anarkali. Kalyani gets suspicious about Anarkali. She says to her that she will keep an eye on her as Pillu chooses Kalyani over Anarkali. Pillu and Anarkali says they are saved today. Ahead, Kalyani goes to her mother. She asks her about her worry. Kalyani’s mother tell to her that her uncle is asking for the payment till then he has sealed the factory. Kalyani asks her mother to use workshop to complete the target. She asks her mother to accompany to the workshop. They find worshop door closed. Swara comes and asks Kalyani and her mother that door will not open till they will not pay her as the house belongs to her now. Swarna swings the key. Kalyani’s grandmother throws money on Swara’s face. Swara, Kalyani and her mother thinks from where she fetched the money.

In the flashback, Malhar as Anakrali bargains with Kalyani’s grandmother over purchasing old furniture. Anarkali and Pillu manages to help Kalyani. Back to reality; Anarkali come and Avni, Kalyania and her mother stares her. Anarkali asks why all are starring her. She further pushes the door. All gets shocked how a woman can be this strong. Anarkali smirks. Avni asks Anarkali to accompany her. Kalyani says to her mother and grandmother she don’t understand Anarakali.

Other side, Avni asks Anarkali why she helped Kalyani’s family. Anarkali asks Avni not to talk with her like that ever. Avni wonders from where they fetched Anarkali. She asks Anarkali to accompany her. Avni gets shocked seeing her messed up room. Anarkali tell to Avni she messed her room because she learned she like messy room. Avni asks Anarkali to ask from next before doing anything. Anarkali think she won’t let anyone interrupt Kalyani in doing her business. There, Kalyani and her mother fetched three ladies for completing the target. Ladies says they can’t work all day long. Kalyani asks them to focus on the work and they will take care of their family too. Ladies gets ready to help Kalyani and her mother. Kalyani’s uncle see Anarkali sleeping. He calls Avni and asks from where she fetched the lady. He asks her to settle score with her. Avni worries if Anarkali will spill the beans on her crime at police station. Moksh and Anarkali join hands against Avni and her husband.

Here, Kalyain asks Anupriya to get ready to welcome investors. Anupriya refuses but Kalyani manages to convince Anupriya. She applies face-pack on Anupriya’s face. Anupriya asks Kalyani if Moksh asked about Shera. Kalyani says no and goes to meet Moksh. She finds Anarkali feeding Moksh. Kalyani yet get suspicious about Anarkali. Later, Kalyani’s sister asks her to accompany her fast. In the meantime, investor asks Kalyani’s grandmother as why they are not working at office. He says in this small space they won’t be able to complete the target. Episode ends with Kalyani getting shocked seeing face allergy on Kalyani’s face and stands shocked. Avni watch Kalyani and Anupriya from far.

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