Tujhse Hai Raabta 6th February 2021 Written Update: Shera returns to Kalyani place as Anarkali

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Episode starts with Kalyani asks Anupriya to show them wearing sample piece. Anupriya goes and comes out wearing the saree. Avni thinks her plan is flopped. Supplier gets impressed seeing Anupriya look in saree and they asks if they can deliver 500 sarees in 5 days. Aaosaheb says they can. Supplier says they wants to see their collection and tells them that they will give advance Tomorrow at their company. Aaosaheb agress. Once suppliers left, Aaosaheb says Anupriya did it and everyone shares hug.

Kalyani goes to room and notices Moksh is waiting for call. Moksh tells her that till now he didn’t get Shera call. Kalyani says Shera might be busy and he don’t like if he knows that you didn’t ate food. Moksh says I will have food and sleep but will Shera call me tomorrow? Kalyani thinks how to make Moksh understand that Shera left the home.

Next day Kalyani informs to Aaosaheb that Moksh is missing. Avni says hi and search him because I feel Moksh goes out to search Shera. Kalyani attacks Avni. Anupriya stops her and they goes out to search Moksh. Sarthak asks if she us behind Moksh missing. Avni says I saw when Moksh is going out to search Shera, I didn’t stop him but sent my Gundas behind him, they will kidnap him once Moksh went far from home than you can go and save him than Moksh will listen your words and it’s easy way to snatch him for Kalyanii that’s why I’m waiting for my Goons calls.

Goons calls Avni saying they Kidnapped Moksh. Tall Aunty beats goons and takes Moksh from them. Sarthak and Avni reaches to Goons. Goons tells them that tall lady takes Moksh with her after beating them. Pawar says my team us Search Kalyani Mam , Moksh will be found but where is Shera. Kalyani says don’t know and she again thinks to call Tony but Moksh comes back home with Shera, who is indisguise of a woman and smiles. Kalyani happily hugs Pillu. Sarthak and Avni returns to home and sees Moksh with Kalyani. Kalyani apologies to Moksh for lying to him and tells to Moksh that Shera won’t return to them and she asks Moksh to forgive her. Shera thinks he can’t go leaving them.

Kalyani thanks lady and asks what’s her name. Shera in disguise says her name is Anarkali. Sarthak asks how she knows the kidnapping. Anarkali says Avni called me as take carer for Moksh and I noticed the Kidnapping and saved him. Avni says I just contacted but don’t know they sends someone today itself. Sarthak scolds Kalyani for her careless behaviour and he asks Anarkali to take care of Moksh. Moksh denies to listen Kalyani and goes inside with Anarkali ( Shera)

Anupriya consoles Kalyani saying Moksh anger will cool down very soon. Aaosaheb says don’t know how Moksh went inside with Anarkali and he had food too. Kalyani says we have to keep eye on Anarkali. Aaosaheb and Anupriya goes to company. Kalyani thinks what’s Avni plan.

Avni meets Anarkali ( Shera) and asks who’ are you because I didn’t contacted anyone for Caretaker. Anarkali says you send those goons right? Can I reveal to police? Avni stops her and asks what she needed. Anarkali says she just need work as caretaker. Avni agrees and asks Anarkali to never betray her otherwise it won’t good. Anarkali says same warning from my side too, go because I need to sleep.

Anupriya and Aaosaheb goes to company and notices it’s sealed. Sarthak throws notice at Anupriya. Anupriya reads Vivek didn’t payed money and company can’t be opened until we pay the money. Sarthak asks how can they prepare 500 sarees in 5 days when factory is closed. Aaosaheb gets tensed. Shera thinks becoming woman is tough. Moksh happily hugs Anarkali saying hero Shera, I found you. Anarkali asks who’s Shera. Moksh says reveal truth, I found you as Shera that’s why I had food when you feed me. Anarkali (Shera) denies but Moksh tries to leave saying he will search Shera than Shera closes door and agress he is Shera. Moksh asks why he entered in woman costumes.

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