Tujhse Hai Raabta Written Update 28th November 2019: Malhar asks Kalyani to accept the job

Episode starts with Kalyani feels surprised seeing Ranchit and hugs him happily. Malhar looks at them from outside. Ranchit says miss you Deshmukh. Kalyani says than why you didn’t message me. Ranchit praises her marketing skills and says you proved as G o a t. Kalyani says yes. Anupriya asks Malhar why Ranchit is saying Goat, Bakra to Kalyani. Malhar says their is another meaning greatest of all the time.

Ranchit takes Kalyani with him saying their is another surprise. Anupriya and Malhar follows them. Ranchit introduces Kalyani selected in this interview and gifts her Kalayank detergent pack. She gets surprised and Ranchit says she is the one who knows powerful and that’s why I named your name. Kalyani says she can’t work. Ranchit asks Malhar to make her agree and he will give jobs to both Kalyani and Anupriya. Kalyani denies. Ranchit says he will give job to Anupriya and asks Kalyani to act in one video for their clents. Malar signs her to do. She agrees and act in Kalyani detergent advertisement video and Ranchit records her video. Everyone claps for her. Malhar asks her to accept this job and Kalyani feels happy.

Kalyani asks Anupriya to inform Sarthak. Anupriya says she will do later. But Kalyani force her to message. Malhar tries to start his jeep. Kalyani asks him to keep one driver until he recovers from injury. Kalyani asks whether he is angry in her for accepting job. Malhar asks her to manage both job and studies equally. Kalyani agrees. Malhar asks whether she gets angry on him seeing marks on his shirt. Kalyani manages saying she it gets angry in shirt only.

Atharva comes to college with Pallavi and enters in Malhar jeep. Malhar checks his jeep. Ranchit asks whether they need any lift in dannu. Malhar asks What’s Dannu. Kalyani says dannu is their nick name for vehicles. Kalyani asks Ranchit to drop her because Moksh will wake up anytime. Atharva says he will come with Malhar. Kalyani asks Malhar to feed something to Atharva. Ranchit calls his car and driver enters harshly. Ranchit warns him to drive safely. Ranchit and Kalyani leaves in car.

Atharva shows banana in accelerator and Malhar thinks who done this. Malhar sees Aahir as the driver and runs towards car. Kalyani also observes Aahir and Kalyani asks Aahir to stop the car, but he refuses. Malhar runs behind the car and shouts Kalyani. Aahir says you won’t escape from my hands. Ranchit asks Kalyani to jump from car with him but Kalyani says she can’t leave Aahir and he deserves punishment for hurting Moksh. Malhar uses short cut and throws matress toward vehicle and shouts to jump. Ranchit and Kalyani jumps and fell on mattress. Aahir escapes in car.

Malhar says Aahir escaped Infront of his eyes. Kalyani says they will catch him very soon. Ranchit says what if Aahir tries to hurt Kalyani and Moksh again and he offers to arrange another place for their safety. Kalyani denies his help and Says safe place is where Malhar stays and she can’t leave him. Mahar gets emotional. They lost in each other eyes.