Tujhse Hai Raabta Written Update 9th December 2019: Aahir tortures Malhar

Episode starts with Kalyani asks to take her life leaving Malhar. Goon asks other one to crush her under the car wheels because Malhar fails to fulfill his promise. Kalyani cries and her eyes are blindfolded. Malhar stops the car with his strength and asks Kalyani to don’t worry. Kalyani gets stunned hearing his voice and asks him to go.

Malhar says I proved myself as traitor Infront of whole department and asks them to leave Kalyani. One goon says he saying true and they removed Malhar from department. Kalyani cries and shouts on Malhar for ruining his name for her. Malhar tries to goes towards her but goons stops him and asks him go with them otherwise they will kill Kalyani. Malhar warns them and asks to leave Kalyani than only he will go with them. Malhar asks Kalyani to go with Ranchit who is waiting for her outside. Kalyani denies to go anywhere without Malhar. He requests her to leave believing him. Kalyani says I trust you more than anyone but I can’t leave you. They hugs emotionally and Malhar asks her to leave for him and Moksh. Goons takes Kalyani outside to leave her according to Malhar wishes.

Ranchit opens her blindfolds and unties her hands. Goons takes their pic and shows it Malhar and takes him with them tying his eyes. Kalyani asks Ranchit to search Malhar with her. They gets Malhar shirt and Kalyani cries. Ranchit says I got location from Malhar to reach this place. Kalyani says to save my life he surrendered himself to naxals and proved himself as traitor. Ranchit consoles her says they can take police help and asks her to come to home because Moksh condition is not good. Kalyani reminds Malhar words.

Anupriya cries reminding about Rithvi Rane and how she found Sarthak came to orphanage to meet her. Anupriya internal one question why she is crying if Sarthak has child and why so many questions and angry on him when she don’t love him and not accepting their marriage. Her thoughts gets interrupted by Atharva who takes Moksh to Kalyani. She consoles him.

Madhav asks how you got wound on your cheek and asks where is Malhar. Ranchit says he went to out of Aurangabad for training. Madhav asks why you both are crying. Kalyani and Anupriya says seeing Moksh tears they got tears.

Anupriya thinks I can’t make Kalyani condition more misrable saying about Sarthak daughter matter. Kalyani also thinks to fight for Malhar without revealing to anyone.

Malhar is tied and he gets shocked seeing Aahir. Malhar says their dad is teacher and asks to think about Madhav once before following wrong path.  beaten up. Aahir asks him to look in the camera and says that he is with Naxalites against the nation. Malhar smiles and asks him who is behind this. Malhar denies saying I’m same malhar who is ready to punish his dad,Kaka and other officers for duty and I will be the same until I die and he chants vandematraram. Goons beats him.  Someone is sitting on chair and hears Malhar words. Aahir gets and call and he says your work will be done.