TV actors share their notions of success

From the love of their fans to being able to do the work they want to do, our favourite telly actors define success and what it means to them.


Ssharad Malhotra


I feel successful every morning when I wake up and look at myself in the mirror. I always thank God for helping me reach where I am today. It seems surreal if I compare it to from where it all started, 12 years back. Everything seems so dreamy.


Success is a state of mind and varies from time to time. For some, it’s money, for some, it’s love and for some, it’s material gains. But for me, it’s happiness with peace of mind.


The time when I signed my first autograph in 2007 when I was shooting for my very first show called Banoo Main Teri Dulhan was the moment I felt successful.


Himanshu Malhotra


According to me, success is when people listen to you. In a society like ours people only listen to successful people and idealise them. I won Nach Baliyee and was a participant in Khatron Ke Khiladi and other television shows. I also did a couple of films. All these things have made people believe that I am successful due to which they follow what I say, especially in all our Share and Grow sessions. So, success predominantly is when people are willing to listen to you. I feel glad that people listen to me and follow me.


Saurabh Pandey


For me, success is not about making money or getting fame or being in a high position. Anybody who is hardworking and sincere is most likely to get that. For me, true success is the ability to be able to appreciate what we have. If we are able to live by our values and honour them, then we are successful.



Rohitashv Gour


I think there is no measurement of success. For me, success is working hard and evolving as an actor. I have done many serials and many movies which came and went by. But from the time I did Lapataganj to Bhabiji Ghar Par Hain, there has been no turning back. I think my journey has begun but there is still so much to be done.


Khalid Siddiqui 

I give more importance to being satisfied and content than successful because success is measured by people but being content or being satisfied comes from your soul or heart. This means more to me rather than being judged by others. If you ask me to describe success, then its happiness for me. Most of the time I spend acting, I am happy, so I feel that I am successful.




Moon Banerjee


Success for me is a state of mind where I have “indestructible happiness”. It means  to see my loved ones happy and healthy irrespective of the current juncture of my journey I am in.



Sheena Bajaj


Fans always make you feel your very successful and when my social media followers numbers keep increasing, I feel successful. I felt successful for the first time when I got an award from Perfect women’s magazine. That was the day my family and I felt proud and successful. But I have so much more to achieve now.


Munisha Khatwani


The point where you can help others is the mark of being successful. When my Deepika and Ranveer prediction came true about their marriage, which I predicted 6 years ago on Simi Grewal show, was my most successful moment till now.



Kishori Shahane Vij


Success for me is popularity. I would claim that money comes and goes…if you can sustain yourself in this industry and people know you for your work, that is success. The first moment when I felt successful was when one fan came up to me with a portrait of mine, done by him. It was really pleasing and surprising. I felt very good that people love me so much for my work



Mohammad Nazim


For me, success is when I get adulation from the audience for my work. I get so many fan messages praising my skills which makes me content and feel successful.

The moment when I first tasted success was when I got a call from my parents after the first episode of Saath Nibhana Saathiya.



Arjun Bijlani


If you have achieved what you really wanted and you feel that whatever you have done is up to the mark, that is success. For an actor, success is work, love and adulation from the audience, getting to play different kinds of roles. Every time when people appreciate my work, I feel successful. I think success is not monetary, it is way beyond that. I think success has different grades, levels. I think I am at a certain level of success but the ultimate level is different and we always fall short of the ultimate level of success.


Shivin Narang


For me, success is not having a big house or earning loads of money. For me, success is living each day with satisfaction. I think having a house and earning money is a bonus. I think if a person is happy in life and he is living each day with satisfaction and with no regrets, then he has had a successful journey or life. I think living your dream is the most successful thing. For me, my dream is to play different kinds of roles in the best possible manner and to be a good actor. So now, I can say that I am successful as I am doing what I dreamt of.


Shashank Vyas


Being fit and getting a good sleep after good work is success to me. I think there are more miles to go and so many things still left to be achieved. So, for me, success is the ultimate journey which I have just started. I first felt successful when my fans appreciated my craft as an actor.