Udaan :- Sameer tries to save Anjor but get caught by..

Colors’ Popular show Udaan is gaining popularity with every passing day and for Loyal viewers of the show we bring you spoilers of upcoming episode to be aired on 18th April.

Earlier we have seen that Bhanu Pratap kills Pankhi after learning that she betrayed him. Later, he attends the puja where Anjor is present and Kidnaps her.

Bhanu Pratap learns that Anjor is Chakor’s biological daughter after consulting with his lawyer. He then proceeds to torture Anjor in an attempt to take revenge on Chakor.

In upcoming we will see that Sameer tries to save Anjor but get caught by Bhanu Pratap. Later, Chakor offers to surrender herself on the condition that Bhanu Pratap sets Sameer and Anjor free.

Wait and keep watching the show for upcoming twists.