Udaariyaan 13th January 2023 Written Update: Ekam decides to tell Nehmat Advait’s truth.

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The episode starts with Advait asking Nehmat to accelerate the car. Nehmat refuses as it’s against the rules. Advait says that he doesn’t care and urges her to speed up as he needs to reach home fast. Meanwhile, Harleen arrives at Ekam’s house to meet Ekam. Renuka says that Ekam hasn’t returned home yet. Harleen phones Ekam. Ekam rejects her call. He turns off the phone when Harleen keeps calling him. Harleen shows the watch that she bought for Ekam. Renuka says that he won’t wear it. She says that Ekam already has many watches, but he wears only this broken watch for a reason that she doesn’t know. Harleen narrates Renuka how she traveled to Bangalore to buy the same model watch and got it back from a lady who bought the last piece. A FB of the same is shown. Renuka is amazed to hear this. Mallika thinks that Harleen is obsessed with Ekam.

Here, Advait continuously urges Nehmat to accelerate the car. Nehmat stops the car and gets out of the car. Advait also does the same. He goes to Nehmat and asks what her problem is. Nehmat asks what his problem is. She says that he has been letting out his frustration ever since he returned to the farm house and says that it seems that some of his work hasn’t happened. Advait asks who she’s to question him. Nehmat says that she’s his wife. Advait gets furious and raises his hand to slap Nehmat. Ekam holds Advait’s hand. Advait asks how he dares to hold his hand and adds that he is raising his hand on his wife. Ekam says that Nehmat isn’t his slave and reminds him that he is an ACP and threatens to arrest him in a domestic violence’s case.

There, Harleen says that she can do anything for Ekam, who is her hero. Mallika says that Ekam won’t wear whatever costly watch she’s going to buy, but Ekam will wear that broken watch as it’s gifted by Nehmat, who is her childhood love. Harleen says that she doesn’t understand. Renuka says that Nehmat is the girl who ruined Ekam’s life. She adds that Nehmat is now married to Advait. Harleen is shocked to hear this. She leaves from there, making an excuse. Here, Nehmat says to Ekam that it’s not needed for that. She says that she can fight her battle alone.

Harleen recalls Mallika’s words and Jasmine’s words. On the other hand, Ekam is thinking about Advait’s words and worries about Nehmat. Renuka arrives there. She asks Ekam to forget Nehmat. She asks Ekam why he can’t forget the girl who easily forgot him. Ekam says that Nehmat and Advait never had an affair. Renuka asks Ekam to leave it and gives him the watch brought by Harleen for him.

Harleen’s driver gives Harleen the phone by saying that her mom is on call. Jasmine asks Harleen why she doesn’t give any updates on her. Harleen thinks of not telling her about Ekam as she won’t understand it. Jasmine asks Harleen to soon give Advait’s marriage certificate to Nehmat. Here, Ekam says to Renuka that Nehmat isn’t happy in her married life. He further says that Advait is a bad guy and he is having an affair. Renuka blames Nehmat for that, which surprises Ekam. He refuses to accept it. He says that Nehmat isn’t at fault. He refuses to let Nehmat suffer. Renuka asks Ekam not to do anything as Nehmat is married now. There, Harleen says to Jasmine that she can’t meet Nehmat as she’s busy with Advait on political work. Jasmine asks Harleen what the real matter is. Harleen assures Jasmine to give the marriage certificate to Nehmat and disconnects the call. Harleen thinks that if she gives the marriage certificate to Nehmat, she will seperate from Advait and go to Ekam, which she can never let happen as she loves Ekam. Here, Ekam says to Renuka that he knows that he can’t reunite with Nehmat, but she can’t let Nehmat face humiliation daily, so he will tell Nehmat the truth about Advait. Renuka says that he can break her marriage to get his love back. Ekam denies it and says that it’s his duty to tell Nehmat the truth, then it’s up to her to decide. He is determined to tell Nehmat the truth. On the other hand, Nehmat recalls Advait insulting Ekam. She isn’t able to tolerate Ekam being insulted and decides to do something to make him go away from her and Advait. Harleen burns the marriage certificate of her and Advait, so that Ekam doesn’t go back to Nehmat.

The episode ends.

Precap: Ekam scolds Harleen. He says that he loves someone and can’t think about anyone apart from her. Harleen looks on shocked. Ekam tries to talk to Nehmat, but she refuses to listen to him. Ekam holds Nehmat’s hand and says that she can’t ignore him like that. Nehmat is shocked by Ekam’s behavior. Neeru watches this.

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