Sasural Simar Ka 2 13th January 2023 Written Update: Vivaan is turned into a demonic evil

Sasural Simar Ka 2 13th January 2023 Written Update on

Episode starts with the horrific transformation of Vivaan. He turns into a dangerous evil, his eyes are glared with demonic light, Simar gets feared seeing the internal environment surround her. Debojit also confirms that they can’t do anything, there is no chance to connect with them, it’s impossible to establish the connection with them. They all apprehend that Simar and Vivaan will be tortured for their actions. Debojit advices that they have to destruct all the jokers, he asks Reema to bring that book of the design. He stares at those pages for some permanent solution.

Here, Vivan is mocked by all the jokers, he is also forced to have the soup, when Simar stops him having that soup bowl, Vivaan presses her throat and finally he drinks all the soups. After having that soup, Vivaan is transformed into more demonic evil, Dubru plans to send him to the Oswaal for revenge. Simar becomes more anxious and perturbed heart can’t do anything. To be transferred in a evil spirit, Vivaan also ready to take the revenge. Here, when Reema and Aarav asks Debojit to speed up the action, then suddenly the mirror lights up. Dubru appears in a diabolical face and laughs at them.

Reema and Chitra and others request to the evil to make Vivaan free. Dubru agrees to do so. Then the mirror illuminates with a glaring light, abd Vivaan appears. Seeing his weaked face, though everyone becomes excited but when Simar doesn’t return, others turn to more disappointment. Then Aarav, in spite of having the opposition, runs into the mirror. Badima hopes that Aarav will save Simar.

Here, when everyone asks Vivaan to say something, then he strongly holds the throat of Reema. Reema feels claustrophobic between his hands. Vivaan gives everyone jerks and hurts his own family. When all becomes agitated, Vivaan holds a knife. Reema requests him to leave, she is threatened witn the knife. With the help of Gajendra, Reema becomes free. But going inside, Chitra and Reema both lament over the situation of Vivaan. Suddenly Vivaan thuds on the door. Badima tries to hold the piece of her home. Badima steps to forward to the door and suddenly Vivaan holds the throat of Badima. All others help her to make free. Finally Debojit covers his face and drags him into another room.

After waking up Aarav gets his sense, and calls with the name of Simar. Hearing the name Simar excited glares up. Aarav fights with all those jokers and beats them. Aarav hugs Simar tightly, but then Dubru and his groups start beat him. But Aarav holds his breath tightly and fights with them. He hits them with a baton.

Ahead, when Dubru tries to spread some magical dust on Simar, Simar holds a ball which reflects the dust upon other jokers and they becomes senseless. Dubru is beaten by that baton and looses his sense. Aarav and Simar hug each other and stare at each other, they both feel the warmth of their heart and say “I love you” to each other.

Episode ends.

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