Udaariyaan 3rd December 2023 Written Update: Raja threatens to suicide

Udaariyaan 3rd December 2023 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Raja asking Alia why she is crying seeing her panicking. Alia says that this marriage cannot happen and goes to remove the vermillion from hairline but get stopped by dadi. Even other people around say that they are already married. Raja questions Alia why she is upset but she pushes him away rushes outside the temple. Raja runs behind Alia but again she leaves in auto. Armaan tries to control Raja and ends up slapping him when he keeps asking for Alia. Aasmaa thinks she has to talk to Raja and find when he got so close to Alia and if he filled her hairline by himself or Alia told him to do so.


Alia reaches her home and Ekam questions her about vermillion in hairline. She cries and says that Raja filled it in front of everyone. Aasmaa advises her father in law to go and apologize to Ekam for Raja’s mistake. They look around for Raja and get shocked seeing him on the terrace. Raja denies getting down unless they bring Alia. Raja threatens to suicide if they cannot bring Alia there. Aasmaa and Armaan begs Raja to go back but he gets up on railing.

Armaan goes on terrace and tries to convince Raja. Aasmaa and Armaan promise to bring Alia and makes Raja finally agree to get down. Armaan questions Aasmaa if she is sure Alia should come there inspite of knowing all this may be planned by her. Aasmaa begs Raja to get down but he says to bring Alia first. Armaan’s mother requests Ekam to save Raja. Aasmaa also begs for the same. Nehmat says vermillion holds lot of value and is not meaningless once filled in hairline. Aasmaa apologizes to everyone on behalf of Raja and promises to let her come back once Raja calms down.

Ekkam denies taking any decision and says Alia will choose whether she wants to go or not. Aasmaa requests Alia to save Raja. Alia comes to Armaan’s house and asks Raja to come down. He immediately listens to here and gets down from terrace making everyone feel relaxed. Raja hugs Alia happily and addresses her as his wife. He says that now it’s her house too and no one should say her anything. He says like Aasmaa is Armaan’s wife, likewise Alia is his wife and asks his mother to welcome Alia in same way like Aasmaa.

Aasmaa tells Raja that they will do as he wishes and welcomes Alia inside house with ritual for newly wedded bride. Aasmaa thinks Alia is a curse for her family but she has to bring her inside and prays for her family’s safety. Raja puts a veil on Alia and holds her hand to enter inside. Aasmaa does the ritual as Raja wanted. Raja dances happily saying Alia will stay with him forever. Raja seeks blessings from elders with Alia. The episode ends with Aasmaa thinking this is well planned by Alia.


Ekam will deny to let Alia stay with Raja and says he need treatment which angers Armaan’s father. Later, Aasmaa will tell Armaan that they had to keep Alia away from Raja but he talked about marriage registration. Armaan will say that once they go to court, Alia’s true face will get exposed.

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