Udaariyaan 8th May 2021 Written Update: Tejo refuses to see Fateh in hospital

Udaariyaan 8th May 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Everyone gets shocked seeing Fateh getting stabbed and run towards him. Khushbeer takes Fateh in his arms and asks Amrik to take the car fast. Jasmime feeds the cow and says that they must be wondering why she said no to Varun and says its all because of Fateh. Then Jasmine says how she is going to answer her mother’s questions and decides to tell her the truth. Satti comes there and asks Jasmine what she is doing and what she wants to say to her. Jasmine turns around to say something but Tejo interrupts and asks Satti to feed her curd and sugar for good luck as she is going for an interview. Satti goes inside. Tejo asks Jasmine what is she trying to do. Jasmine says that it doesn’t feel right to hide this from their family members.

The says even she feels the same but they don’t have any other options. Jasmine says that Fateh is going to get his job in Canada within two weeks so everything is all set. Tejo asks Jasmine does she really think that their father will agree to this marriage only seeing Fateh’s job and says that their father Definitely wants to meet his parents. Tejo then asks Jasmine trust her or not. Jasmine says that she trust Tejo more than anyone. Tejo says that she will support Jasmine and Fateh always. Khushbeer brings Fateh to the hospital family members also comes there. Doctor takes Fateh inside the operation theater and starts their treatment.

Satti feeds Tejo curd and sugar. Jasmine gets a call from Buzo and warns him not to play with her. Buzo says that he wish its just a prank and explains what happened. Jasmine drops her mobile. Tejo asks what happened to Fateh. Jasmine cries and says that someone stabbed him. Everyone gets shocked. Doctor comes out of the operation theater Khushbeer asks the doctor now they are allowed to see Fateh. Doctor says that there are lots of blood loss and they need to Put Fatwh in observation. Gurpreet asks the doctor when will Fateh again the conscious. Doctor says it may take may be some hours or days or even weeks and asks them to pray to god.

Everyone cries Amrik says that nothing will happen to his brother. Tejo and Jasmine comes to the hospital. Gurpreet asks Khushbeer is he happy now and says the son who he throw outside is the one who saved him and says to Khushbeer not anyone they are going to support Khushbeers stubborness and sits there and cries. Tejo goes to Gurpreet that Fateh is a champion and he will win this battle too. Khushbeer looks at Tejo.

Amrik asks the nurse are they allowed to see Fateh now. Nurse says no one is allowed for the next twelve hours and asks them to Stay Only two people here and leaves. Amrik says that he and Buzo will wait and asks everyone to go to the house. Gurpreet says that she will leave after meeting Fateh only. All of them enter Fateh’s hospital room. Gurpreet asks Fateh to wake up. Khushbeer recalls his harsh words towards Fateh and leaves the room. Jasmine asks Fayeh to wake up and says what he is doing with her now isn’t all right. Tejo prays to god and asks god that they will be always with the one who have faith in them right then asks them to make Fateh again consciousness and cries.

Khushbeers father asks him to stay strong. Reporter comes there and asks how Khushbeer is feeling seeing Fateh in this condition and asks what his opponent said about him that this is his public stunt is true or not. Tejo comes there and asks them where is their humanity just to put breaking news they are questioning these kind of questions to a father who is worried about his son. Then Tejo says if tomorrow the same thing happened to any of the reporters family members and she questions the same way how they are questioning Khushbeer nkw how they feel now. Then asks them to show humanity and calls the security.

Jasmine says to Fateh that she even agreed to him and said no to Varun then why he isn’t waking up and says the other day he told her that he will do whatever she is asking him to then why he is not waking up even after she asked him to and cries. Khushbeer blames himself for Fateh’s condition and says today is the first day he refused to bless Fateh and hurts his hand then says that Gurpreet is right because of his stubbornness only now Fateh is in this situation and calls himself as a bad father.

Khushbeers father says that Fateh is a Fighter and he is his grandson so he will fight this and wakes up soon. Tejo comes there and says to Khushbeer that he may not have blessed Fateh today but Parents always bless their kids in their heart and that is more than enough for every kid. Tejo then says that she knows Very well that he and Fateh isn’t in good terms it doesn’t mean he is a bad father and says the one we Love is the one we get upset and asks him to drink water. Khushbeer takes the water.

Fateh’s health condition becomes worse and everyone cries. Tejo prays to the god. Doctor comes there and asks everyone to leave. After two days Khushbeer asks the doctor why Fateh still not gained his consciousness. Doctor says that they are trying and now everything is in God’s hands Only. Jasmine and Tejo goes to the temple and Prays for Fateh then they comes to the hospital and see Khushbeer there. Jasmine asks Tejo to meet Fateh sayimg she not even comes inside to see him. Tejo says to Jasmine that she cant see Fateh like that and asks her to go and see Fateh and leaves there. Jasmine looks at Khushbeer and goes to Fateh’s hospital room.

Precap: Tejo asks Fateh to wake up. Jasmine cries. Tejo says that she knows how to wake up Fateh and puts Jasmine’s hand in Fateh’s hand and says that if he don’t wake up then she will go and tell her family members to say yes to Varun for Jasmine’s alliance.

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