Udaariyaan: Ekam and Nehmat to fall into Advait’s trap?

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Colors TV’s popular show Udaariyaan is gearing up for more drama, with Advait plotting against Ekam and Nehmat.

Previously, it was seen that Advait told Ekam that he was going to the farm house along with Nehmat for some official work and asked Ekam to stay in the farm house to protect him. Later, Advait revealed to his GF, Veronica, that he would give an opportunity for Ekam and Nehmat to grow closer in the farm house and would record their video through the CCTV camera.

He would present it to everyone in such a way as to discredit Nehmat so that he would easily get divorce from her. On the other hand, Ekam refused to make Nehmat suffer and vowed to free her from Advait. Harleen tried to get closer to Ekam, but everytime she failed.

In the upcoming episode, it will be shown that Advait, Nehmat and Ekam will reach the farm house. Advait will say that this is a beautiful place and apt for lovers. Advait will kiss Nehmat’s cheek. Nehmat will make faces, but will not be able to stop Advait. Ekam will turn his eyes to the other side.

Advait will walk out on making some excuse, leaving Nehmat alone with Ekam in the farm house. Advait, along with his GF, will watch Ekam and Nehmat through the CCTV camera fixed in the farm house. He will expect them to come closer.

Ekam and Nehmat will walk towards each other. They will stop when they’re close to each other and will look at each other’s faces. Advait will smirk watching this.

What will happen next? Will Advait be successful in his plan? Will Nehmat and Ekam fall into Advait’s trap?

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