Udaariyaan: Nehmat to catch Advait with his girlfriend red-handed!

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Colors TV’s popular show Udaariyaan is gearing up for more drama, with Ekam failing to tell Nehmat Advait’s truth.

Previously, it was seen that Ekam spotted Harleen cooking with Renuka for him and enquiring Renuka about his likes. Ekam scolded Harleen and made it clear that he was loving someone else and could never think about someone else. Harleen’s eyes became wet and left. Sadvik, who was Advait’s friend, paid a visit to Ekam and he noticed Harleen leaving crying.

Later, Ekam got sad and left for work, making an excuse when Sadvik asked Ekam when he was going to marry Nehmat. Later, Renuka told Sadvik about what happened. She wished Ekam to forget Nehmat and move on in his life with Harleen. Sadvik assured Renuka that he would talk about it with Ekam.

Harleen returned there and heard it. She also promises Renuka to make Ekam move on in his life. Later, Harleen struck a deal with Sadvik to convince Ekam to spend time with her. Meanwhile, Ekam tried to tell Nehmat about Advait’s affair, but the latter refused to listen to anything about Advait.

Ekam held Nehmat’s hand to stop her when she tried to walk away, ignoring him. Neeru saw them and started to taunt them. Nehmat asked Ekam to leave to avoid creating any scene. Ekam obliged.

In the upcoming episode, it will be shown that Nehmat will get ready to leave somewhere in the car. As she forgot her purse, so she will go to her room to get it. Nehmat will open the room door and will be stunned to see Advait romancing with a girl on his bed.

Later, Nehmat will go to the hall where the Kapoors are already gathered, dragging her suitcase. Ekam will defend Nehmat when Shamsher badmouths her. He will say that Nehmat saw Advait with another girl. Shamsher will slap Advait. Advait will vow to avenge Ekam and Nehmat for this slap.

What will happen next? Will Advait and Nehmat’s forced relationship come to end? Will Nehmat reunite with Ekam?

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