K Drama Crash Course In Romance Episode 2 Written Update: Hae Yi is happy and excited to attend Chi Yeol’s class.

The episode starts with a flashback where Chi Yeon who’s working hard to study and having food at Jae Woo’s mother’s place and was enjoying her food. She praised him for his hard work when he gets message and rushed home. His father died in an accident and he had no one to take care of him. As he passed by Nam’s mother’s restaurant, she called him in ad provide him with good food. Nam felt grateful about the same and cries hard. Nam comes there who was Practicing for her national’s hand ball and her mother greeted her. They both got surprised seeing little Hae Yi at door who was the daughter of Nam’s elder sister. Her elder sister abandoned her daughter with her mother and left abroad. Nam’s mother who went in search of her died after meeting with an accident. Nam had a hard time managing Hae Yi as well as s her sport and got scolded by her coach for the same. She sacrificed her dream for Hae Yi in the end. She took good care of Hae Yi but Hae Yi craved for a mother. She asked her aunt Nam Hang San whether she could call her mother and Hang San agreed immediately. As the flashback ends, Hang San feels bad for not realizing Hae Yi’s feelings to Young Joo. Young Joo asks her not to feel and as she sacrificed more than anything for Hae Yi and her future.

Next day, Nam visits Hae Yi teacher regarding the details about the course enrollment who scolds her for not checking on Hae Yi’s studies till now. She guides her through it. Mi Ok , Sung Hee and other mothers also discuss about the same as they were determined to get their student admitted in Chi Yeol’s class. Chi Yeol told doctor about how he completed his meal after having food from a particular restaurant and his doctor told that it’s a good improvement. The academy people were surprised to see Chi Yeol in a good mood. Dong Hee is surprised when Chi Yeol wants to visit the restaurant where he got food from the last day. Chi Yeol had a parent teacher interaction where he actively and enthusiastically answered the parent’s questions. Nam told Jae Woo and Young Joo about her plans to get Hae Yi enrolled in the classes. Chi Yeol coms to the restaurant but gets shocked seeing Nam and immediately runs away. He learns from Dong Hee that she’s a former athlete. Chi Yeol again have difficulty eating other food. Seon Jae come home to find his mother drinking. They share some light-hearted talks and his mother leaves some money on cupboard. Someone takes it from there. Nam gets ready to go to enroll in the classes when Chi Yeol comes there in disguise. She sends him away asking him to come in the afternoon.

Hang San stands in along queue where Su Hee and other mothers where also present. After a long wait, the tickets get distributed and Hang San is lucky to get the last ticket. Band Su learns that Hae Yi is also about to be enrolled in Chi Yeol’s class and gets upset. Chi Yeol again come sin disguise and hears Nam and Young Joo cursing the phone thief. He leaves buying the food and enjoys it. He also finds it familiar. Young Joo teases Nam as Chi Yeol keeps peeking at her secretly. Bang Su vents out he hatred for Hae Yi to her mother. Chi Yeol’s season 1 classes ends and he gets to know that his stalker student has signed up for season 2 too. He complaints about it to Dong Hee. The stalker gets kidnapped. Chi Yeol buys a new hand phone and goes to Nam’s shop. He hands over the phone in disguise saying that it’s a free one. Nam thinks that Young Joo was right about him liking her. Young Joo asks Nam if she’s not interested to date and marry. Hang San says she does but after Hae Yi gets in college. For a moment she wants to date but later brushes off the thoughts. Bang Su’s teacher finds her working Academy problems in his class and taunts her for it. Bang Su shows attitude which upsets him a nd triggers his jealousy.

The teacher who happens to be Chi Yeol’s former classmate bumps with him in book store and taunts him for leading an unhappy life despite being a celebrity. He calls him inhumane for living without any guilt of killing a girl and not bothered to check on her family. Chi Yeol visits the person’s memorial and comes to Nam’s restaurant to find it closed. Jae Woo finds Chi Yeol’s poster and tries recalling where he spotted him but couldn’t remember. Hae Yi leaves for her first day coaching class while Jae Woo is till trying to recall Chi Yeol. Bang Su got irritated seeing Hae Yi with her in the same class while Hae Yi shared her excitement with Seong Jae. She got really impressed with Chi Yeol’s class nd come home to rant about the same. Nam is happy seeing Hae Yi so hay an excited. Chi Yeol again comes to get food when Nam tries to return the phone. Jae Woo identifies him finally recalling him and Nam picked a fight with him. Chi Yeol want to end the matter by giving the phone but Nam don’t want to accept it. While they were busy pushing and pulling, the glass door breaks with a shiny strong metal ball and everyone gets shocked.